Start of alfresco dining

alfresco dining love

I’ve been down fighting a cold for the past two weeks, and it seems, half the Australian population as well. But the weather is improving, and yesterday was such a beautiful day that we couldn’t let it go to waste.

So we finally strung up the hammock and invited our friend over to hang out. Nothing like good wine, mouth watering grilled barramundi on banana leaves over the barbie, to bring the promise of summer.

Painting in Virtual Reality

My workplace recently got the HTC Vive virtual reality player so we could see what the fuss was about and the creatives could potentially come up with project ideas.

I started playing with some of the games installed and was just slack-jawed-wowed with the immersive experience of Google Tilt Brush. The first time I took a stroke in 3-D space, my hair stood up. It was unbelievable. It still is, really. 

Just a couple of pieces I’ve been messing around with after work. Painting in 3-D is defo not as easy as the professionals make it look on video. But the potential for real life application is just astounding. 

Gastronomy heaven at Sepia


For Jeff’s birthday this year, we went to Sepia as a treat. And what a treat it was! Almost every course that evening was a veritable show of fireworks. We each went away with different favorites, which just shows the breadth of ‘signature’ dishes Chef Martin Benn and his team can whip up. My dish of the night was the sweet and light spanner crab, mixed with the almost surprising hit of browned butter which lent the meat some nuttiness and weight. Yum yum yum! And I loved the dessert wine that I picked, the Greco di Bianco from Italy. Produced in a ‘passito’ style where the grapes are dried like raisins on racks, the bronze liquid had a distinct nose of orange peels and apricots and tasted of honey and nuts. SO GOOD. I have to hunt us down a bottle or two too.

Sepia definitely sits at the top of our favorite restaurants in Sydney – and elsewhere – thus far, alongside Gastro Park and Nel. Mmmm.

Crashing the gate crash

We stopped by Singapore mid-September, enroute back to Sydney from our holiday in Croatia. My brother was getting married!😀

Unlike us, he opted for a more traditional Singaporean Chinese wedding, complete with gate crashing games. As we were on the groom’s side, we technically weren’t supposed to follow him to pick up his bride, but my aunt and cousin wanted to see the action. So we went incognito. Haha.

My dad loaned us his collection of fans – I don’t even know where or WHY he has them – and we supplemented the disguises with sunglasses and newspapers / magazines with eye hole cutouts.

Haha, somehow I don’t think our disguises helped much, but I think we had the most fun and laughs of the people in the playground that morning. And now my brother’s happily married!