To talk or not to talk

Went to watch Ashraf’s play this evening. He’s a fellow Singaporean who’s in the University Theatre. Lead actor in the show “Miss Julie”. Superb actor.

Hmm, after watching plays and movies, I never seem to want to do anything else for the rest of the night – that’s why I don’t like watching matiness. One can get caught up in the mood of the play… steeped in the time period. Dreamy sort of state.

But then I like stoning all day long anyway. Heh. Remember this line of conversation that crops up now and then. Would it be comfortable for two people to just hang out and not talk much? I sometimes feel that it’s pretty comfortable to do just that. I mean, there’s no need to talk all the time right? But it would be nice to have another presence, minus the conversation.

Then again, how would you know if it’s a mutual feeling? That the other person might be in a mood for yakking, and the other just wants the “solitude”… hmm… pretty hard to define sometimes.

Anyway. Yeah. This has been a more relaxing week, so I have plenty of time to think about irrelevant stuff and not feel guilty.


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