Spring is in the air

It is only when you have been deprived of the colour green for a long time, that when it appears, it grabs you wholly and pierces into your heart. Green. Such a lovely, serene colour. The grass here is not merely green, it breathes of life, of youthfulness. It is not a green that has been mixed with brown, such that it takes on the appearance of dullness. Rather, the green that I see everywhere in Chicago is a bright, pure green. In my very biased opinion, that’s how green grass should always look. It looked so inviting, it was no wonder that people were sprawled on it, reading, writing or chatting away.

Spring, has finally arrived in Chicago. You can see it in the trees that are at last budding. Indeed, some of them have already sprouted bright yellow pollen. It’s a really beautiful sight that, clumps of golden bushes against the clear blue sky. You can hear it in the air – the birds who have returned and filled the air with their merry and musical chirpings, or the gay laughter of people who have stowed away their heavy down jackets and gladly donned on their shorts and sandals. You can see it in people’s movements. Everyone is no longer wrapping their arms miserably against themselves and hurrying their way down the streets. Instead, people can be seen lightly swinging their arms as they skip their way about campus.

Yes, spring has arrived. The weather today proves that much. It went all the way to 24 degrees today. Amanda and Janice wore their sarongs to school and merrily dubbed themselves the sarong party girls. Walter wore his bright Hawaiin shirt yesterday – but he nearly froze in the morning when the temperature was still around 3 degress… πŸ˜› While cycling back to Shoreland also, I was amazed at the number of people just lounging around in the parks or simply walking on the streets. The atmosphere was so cheery that you wouldn’t believe it was Hyde Park… Haha, but guess what? It’s going to rain again tomorrow, a thunderstorm at that. Oh well…

Anyway, I also sort of took advantage of the weather to go swimming… well, it was an indoor pool, so it wouldn’t have made that much of a difference, except for the fact that I swam in my T-shirts and shorts and later cycled home to shower. Well, to clarify things a little, Minghao and I went for the sailing club’s swim test. Though we haven’t yet decided as to whether we want to join sailing, we decided to take the swim test first anyhow… and that involved treading water for 10 min and then swimming 4 laps – in our T-shirt and shorts. But then again, it’s a pathetic test, considering that our swimming pool’s only 25m in length.

Anyhow, yup, spring has arrived, and everyone is rejoicing. πŸ˜› That’s a beautiful thing about temperate countries.


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