Braving the storm

Sleep was pretty comfortable in our enormous tent – or well, as comfortable as one can get without a proper shower and change into completely dry clothes. In any case, we awoke at 630am feeling slightly more refreshed and ready to set foot onto the unsteady world on board Windsong again. We hurriedly brought down the tents and lugged everything to the jetty to await the small outboard motorboat that would bring us back to Windsong.

Once we were on board, the rain started coming down in thick sleets again, leaving us no choice but to seek shelter under deck, under where we could not escape the fumes of diesel and the horrible pitching of the boat. But breakfast matters temporarily occupied us from thinking of nausea, and I busied myself cooking omelets for all 14 of us.

After breakfast however, many of us soon found that we were unable to stomach staying below deck and thus quickly donned on our ponchos and jackets before rushing up on deck to brave the cold and rain. I too, found staying under deck unbearable and went up to the bow of the ship where I eagerly took in the fresh sea wind.

So there I stayed on deck. Huiyi, Yuhua and a handful of the other scouts were on deck as well, while Lina remained seemingly unaffected and even managed to nap at the dining table beneath deck. The ongoing raging storm transformed the scenery around us. Visibility was down to a dozen meters, and the sea now took on an edge of angry grey. Yet, it was beautiful in its own way and I was loathe to see our sailboat pass the eastern most edge of Singapore, for it meant only a short time more before we berthed and bade farewell to Windsong.

We changed into our uniforms and went back up on deck to enjoy the last few minutes on Windsong. This had certainly been a memorable trip, and an eye-opener to the world of sailing.


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