Dark Clouds

Oh wow. The weekend is drawing upon us again…

Pretty relaxing week thus far, esp. after my midterm on Tuesday. Highlights of this week so far includes: our fundraiser for the SARS Courage Fund back in Singapore. We bought foodstuff from Chinatown to sell – amongst others we got cartons of Yan Yan, you know those sticks that you dip into the chocalate or strawberry and now even vanilla cream? Well those are the fastest selling items, so much so that after just a day and a half, we had to get more from Chinatown… ah, brings back fond childhood memories too, that and those Pocky sticks. Haha.

Went for a Shakespeare play at the Shakespeare Theatre down in Navy Pier last night too. Thanks to Weekeong who managed to wrangle a group discount for us, we got to enjoy a really good show. Never read Winter’s Tale before, but I quite enjoyed the play and the acting. 😛 Amanda’s now trying to convince me to watch Miss Saigon with her – thing is, she wants to pay for the more expensive ticket while I’m pretty broke, so she’s trying to get me to just go with her and we sit in separate seats. Where’s the sense in that? Lol, I’d rather not go then. After all, I’ve watched it twice in Singapore already – the second time because Francis gave me his ticket. Yup yup, I had better go remind her then, lest she suddenly decides to buy my ticket for me… she sometimes does stuff like that.

Weather prediction this weekend: Rain, thunderstorm, rain. Sucks huh. We’ve lightning and thunder outside now. Funny how Irene got so excited about the rain. She kept sniffing the air and laughing in delight, while I was just frowning and wondering how the hell I was going to walk home without getting wet. Lol. But she made me see the beauty in rain again… I remember how, back in JC, I’d rush home from school when a storm was brewing, hoping fervently along the way that it would continue to pour when I got back into the comfort of my room. I’d then tuck myself up in bed, snuggle down with a book and some light music and watch the play of lightning outside.

But darn, I hope it’ll be nice out when I go hiking this weekend. Heh, was supposed to be organizing a camping trip to Starved Rock, but I got lazy and loathed the idea of borrowing all that equipment for everyone and trying to lug it back to my apartment first. And then, that reminds me too, I really should go find Clifford sometime soon, and pay him Dave and Alvin’s club fees…

Oh, Helen and I finally got together tonight after weeks of trying to arrange a date to meet up. I met her in school at around 5 whereupon we went shopping for groceries at the Coop. We then came back and whipped up some salad and spaghetti for dinner. Delicious. 🙂 Chatted for quite a while, then hung out in front of the TV where we watched Friends, Will n Grace, and feasted on strawberries and ice-cream. It was just chill – gotta do stuff like that more often.

Then I had to go help Dave and Avi buy drinks for their party tomorrow night… that’s for being legal I guess… haha, $170 worth of alcohol that we had to push down the road in a cart because there was simply no way of lugging them back without dying. Looks to be a cool night though.

So then I come back and mess around with my computer till now… I think I’m going to do some light reading on my bed now. Haha, work… I’ll just have to catch up like crazy over the weekend… And woohoo, dinner with some Rome people up in Belmont tomorrow!


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