Week 8

Relatively relaxing week this, although I must kick myself for not having caught up with my work. And predictably, I say, well, there’s always tomorrow. Tomorrow, I’ll start afresh. Then Walter comes along and says, eh TPS, Sam’s Wine is holding a vintage port tasting session tomorrow. How can you not go for that??

So we’ll see. We’ll see how my restraint holds. We’ll see if I can actually get enough work done tomorrow.

In Socs today, we collectively agreed that if you sigh and moan, ‘argh, it’s week 8’, everyone else at the U of C would sigh too and empathise with you. This week for me though, has been my best one after first week…

Peiyun, Ruoxi, Pakshun and I drove up to Korean town on Monday for a Korean BBQ dinner. Hehe, we decided to go on a whim, after I realised that Peiyun and I had been talking about doing that for the past 8 weeks. Deeeelicious. Mmmm.

And Tuesday, I did get some work done – not much, but enough, to see my skip over to Erin’s place for a little bit. We lingered over a some chocolate martini, feasted on ice-cream and strawberries and freshened up over a cup of cuppacino. Whilst at it, we also poured over her photo albums from Rome. Ahh, wonderful memories.

Wednesday was spent in a daze, as I alternated between staring at my Econ text and snoring with my head between my arms. Argh. Did get some reading done, but not enough.

Ooh, now yesterday was fun! Though it didn’t start out so – even with coffee in hand, I fought a losing battle to keep awake during Econs. Sigh. Was sufficiently awake during Metrics to stare at the notes in confusion though… the real fun came after work, however, when a whole bunch of us headed over to the Shakespeare theatre at Navy Pier for the play: “Taming of the Shrew”. Oh man. Fantastic plot, awesome acting, and hilarious script. Had all of us holding our sides through the entire performance. Too lazy to talk too much about the play here, but I’d say it was definitely worth every single cent, and it totally brightened up my evening. Have caught two other performances there, but this was by far my favorite.

So what was up tonight? Went downtown with Peiyun in the late afternoon where we walked aimlessly around for a little bit before meeting up with Ruoxi. The three of us then walked around a little more in the cold before joining Sunny and the others at Houston Ribs House to celebrate Sunny’s birthday. Mmm, the food was simply marvellous. Peiyun and I shared a plate of ribs and they were by far the most tender ribs I’ve ever had. They were lean and came off the bones easily at the gentle touch of the knife…

After dinner, we came back and then Pakshun, Walter, Tanya, Ruoxi and I headed over to the Woodlawn Tap for a couple pitchers of beer. Along the way, we bumped into Juewei and Dazhou, who persuaded us to join in their weekly drinking party at Max. We agreed, and after downing our beer and fries with Andy who met us a little later, the whole bunch of us went down to Max. Haha, with the crazy events of the past week still fresh in my mind, I refused to drink any more rum or vodka, and simply watched as everyone else got progressively more drunk. Erm, but staying sober and not being part of the crowd is not that fun a thing to do, so we left before the party got any wilder.

So am back here, sitting at my desk and thinking I should head to bed soon. Hehe, I’ll just shower tomorrow in the morning, before I go have brunch with Crystal and Wendy. Ciao.


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