Rock climbing and life back in school

Weekend was great, sureal, and unbelievably cold. I think it might have dipped all the way down to 25 degress F (below freezing). Good thing I brought my hat and gloves. Climbing was thrilling and great fun. I nearly froze my fingers off in the process, sustained a couple of bruises here and there, but I FINALLY got to try real outdoor rock-climbing! Looking forward to climbing again, hopefully in warmer weather.

Sergey lead climbing

More great photos here: Sergey’s pictures

It was hard coming back from climbing and having to sit down in front of my computer and get back to work. 😯 And to look at my schedule and realize with a groan that I wasn’t going to get much of a break till Thursday. Monday was especially hectic. My day started at 830am and I didn’t get home till 10pm. I did have fun attempting to Salsa though. Haha. And after our lesson, Ruoxi treated me to dinner at the pub.

Had a horrible Financial Accounting test on Wednesday, which means that I now have to do a 100% final. Ho boy. Wednesday also saw me attending a Case Interview workshop conducted by BCG. It was fun, but now I’m super nervous about my upcoming interview with them…

Anyways, after another terribly long day on Wednesday, Rosaria and I relaxed by driving up north to have sushi. And in the process, we plotted to organize a Halloween party at my place next Friday. Whoopee! Only trouble with that is, I realised I don’t really have the finances to hold one. Haha. Oh well.

Seems like a really long week, but the weekend is here again. I look forward to Thursdays so much, because I’m almost done. It’s difficult to rein myself back down sometimes and remind myself that time is passing too fast for my own good. I have to get started on my thesis and my research paper like right about now.

Ah well. I’m committing myself to stay in most of this Saturday and all of Sunday. Hopefully that’ll be enough for me to catch up. In the meantime, it’s off to class, a little bit of work and then FUN! 😆


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