Suffocating in the heat

Looks like another sleepless night for me. Temperatures hit 100 degrees today, or 38 degrees celcius. After a couple nights of nice, cool weather, the temperatures have soared again. Darn. The other night, it was sooo hot, I couldn’t sleep till 6:30am.

So what’s in the works? Dave and I met up Thursday for lunch. Among other things, in light of all the uncertainty that’s going to be my life for the next couple of months, we decided to keep in touch and still meet up occasionally, which is really great.

That afternoon, I went sailing. Actually, to be technically correct, Chenghua and I went sailing again on Thursday. Cristalle went, but just as we were rigging up the boats, she decided not to head out. It was great though. I’ve managed to pick up my sailing technique again – and even all the terms. Yay! We’re going to try head out again on Monday, though Cristalle is thinking of just wandering around the shops in Lincoln Park instead.

So I had to deal with a grumpy Cristalle on the way back from the sailing club. Haha. But she cheered up considerably when I brought her to Maravilla’s, a Mexican restaurant in Hyde Park. Moreover, later that night, the three of us headed up to Green Mill, to listen to some jazz. It was great fun. Heh, sitting there, I was reminded of the one tango bar Peiyun, Minghao and I went to in Argentina. That was an awesome experience – the Argentinean guy could really sing! But the music at the Green Mill was really good too, as evident from the tangled mass of people swinging and jiving on the cramped dance floor. Cristalle further spiced up our night when she accepted our dare to go up to a random stranger to ‘say hi’. Hehe.

Memory failed me as to what we did during the day on Friday – from Cristalle’s blog, it seemed like we stayed in the whole day, till after dinner and pre-drinks, when Chenghua, Cristalle and I headed out to the clubs. I’d wanted to bring her to The Apartment, this cool club that has a bed in the middle of the dance floor. Alas, the bouncer refused to accept her Singapore driver’s license without a copy of her passport. Worried that it was a fake. Ah well. So we headed over to Kendalls, a bar right next door. Downed some tasteless beer before deciding to hit a dance club. So we crossed the street to Blu. By then, it was 1am, but the dance floor was still half empty. Nonetheless, we downed more drinks to get into the groove, and joined the crowd.

Like most clubbing experiences, we were able to let loose and step out of ourselves for a little bit. So it was pretty fun. But as I’m not really the clubbing type (I’d much rather chill out at a bar), I’d had my fill at 3am and was ready to leave. Cristalle, however, was grumbling when we dragged her out. Hah. She was having a whale of a time in that club, lemme tell you, so much so that she wanted a repeat experience again the next day.

But once in 3 months is enough for me, so we ended up pretty much just lounging at home the whole day, alternately reading and surfing the web. Did head out to Chenghua’s for lunch though. And we stayed in the whole of today too.

In other news, I HAVE OFFICIALLY COMPLETED MY THESIS. Since I last saw my advisor for some edits, I’ve added 12 more pages. And I talked on the phone with my preceptor today, who said it was good to go. So yay!


4 thoughts on “Suffocating in the heat

  1. Hi! Hope you don’t mind that I’m posting here … I was going to ask if I could friend you on LJ, but I see that you don’t really use LJ much anymore. Anyway, congrats on finishing the thesis! That is fantastic!! Hope you’ve been celebrating these past couple of days (and surviving the heat!).

    All the best,

  2. Hey Sophie,

    Congrats yourself for finishing your revisions. Are you just about done now and waiting to defend?

  3. Not quite … I’m waiting to hear back from my first reader, and then I have to run it by my second reader (who I’m sure will have a new set of revisions). After that, I should be ready to defend … but I celebrate even the smallest victories now! ;-D Hope you’re enjoying your freedom!

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