Hodge Podge of activities

Wednesday evening saw us going up north to Halstead for dinner with Kaitian and Denis. Kaitian must have been feeling fiesty, cos she decided to spice up our dinner and so made reservations to the Kit-Kat Lounge and Supper Club, a restaurant where a drag queen would periodically come out and circle the tables, and lip synch to some 80s music.

Picture of da diva

Good fun though – especially with margaritas at half-off. Denis and I both scored two glasses, but surprisingly, Cristalle (she’s even more of an alcoholic than I am, having already gotten herself drunk TWICE here) and Kaitian made do with just one each. But I suppose ogling at a cute (by her standards) gay couple by the bar was fun enough for her.

Thursday, I awoke to gorgeous weather. The sun was shining brilliantly, but there was a healthy, strong breeze playing about. Quite simply a marvelous time to be out on the water, sailing. Hehe. When Oti called asking if I wanted to go down to the sail club that afternoon though, I desisted at first, knowing how Cristalle hated sailing. But I didn’t think she’d judged the sport fairly, having really only spent a short but disastrous time out on the water. So I kinda cajoled her, kinda kept my running monologue of how beautiful the weather was, and kinda waxed lyrical about the wind caressing our faces, until she finally capitulated and acquiecsed. Heheh. Woohooo! More suntanning for me! So we joined Oti and gang and headed downtown to the sail club.

It really was a fantastic day to be out. Previously, we’d gone out in 10 knot winds, where it made for pleasant, but not exciting sailing. On Thursday though, the wind was strong enough to throw the boat to one side, and even when I’d hiked all the way out, it wasn’t quite enough to balance the boat. Hehe. Imagine that. So I had to persuade Cristalle to abandon her comfortable and safe perch on the centerboard and come join me by the edge of the boat. Hah, for the first few minutes, she was alternately shrieking at me to ease the sail, and alternately laughing with delight at the spray on her face, arms and butt.

We had quite a bit of fun tacking and jibing into the wind until I asked Cristalle if she wanted to try manning the boat. Heh. Now if being about to lean all the way out of the boat and trying to catch the waves was exciting, Cristalle’s first attempt at sailing was enough to give us both heart attacks. I think I must have scared her with all the warnings of capsizing – though I think that would have been hilarious and fun – so she didn’t quite dare to sheet in the sails and steer the boat. So there we were, me frightened that she was going to send us crashing into one of the anchored boats, and she terrified that we were going to capsize. The whole time, she kept yelling, ‘I DUNNO WHERE I’M GOING!’ and I kept yelling back, ‘IT DOESNT MATTER, JUST DON’T LET US CRASH INTO ANYTHING!’ After a bit, she decided that it was a little too hellish learning to sail in such strong winds and so gave the reins back to me.

But not before losing her balance and go sprawling face down into the boat. Haha. I was so torn then, between feeling worried that she might have sustained a concussion and laughing my head off at the sight of her butt sticking high into the air while the sails laughed (it’s a technical sailing term I swear!) and slapped uselessly above her. Heh, but in the end, all she really hurt was her pride, so off we were again.

Great time, even Cristalle reluctantly admitted that much:

‘Sailing today was actually quite a lot of fun, though I refuse to admit it in front of PS. She would only gloat. But the wind was fantastic.’

Later that night, party girl Cristalle was clamouring to check out the clubbing scene again, so I brought her to The Apartment, the club where she had been rejected before, on account on her fake-looking Singapore driver’s license. This time though, she was armed and ready with a photocopy of her passport, so they let her in. We’d arrived at 1030pm, so the club was only half-filled. Nonetheless, we still had fun lying on the bed and checking out the other patrons. Cristalle got unreasonably excited when she saw that half the clubbers were Koreans. She kept poking me and leaning over and whispering excitedly about the guys sashaying in front of us. But heh, I told her she didn’t really stand a chance, what with all those fantastically made up Korean girls encircling them.

Aye, still, she likes it so much that she’s pestering me to bring her up there tonight again. But come on, there’s more than one club here in Chicago yah? So, I’m going to ignore her and bring her some place else. And since she first arrived, she’s been saying how she wants to hit a gay and lesbian club anyway… But in the meantime, like now, there’s free beer and food to be had at the school pub. Laters.


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