Embracing fall

Fleece pants: check
Sweat pants: check
Rain pants: check
2 changes of T-shirts: check
Fleece sweater: check
Jacket: check
2 pairs of socks: check
Tevas: check
Hiking boots: ALREADY IN BOOT
Wool hat: check
Toiletries: check
Headlamp: check
Swiss army knife: check
Hip flask + alky: check
Brand new pans: check
Stove and gas: check
Batteries: check
Bandaid: check
Snacks + mooncake: check
2 water bottles: check

Hmm. I hope I didn’t miss anything out.

Yep, this girl’s going camping/climbing this weekend! Someone from the U of C Outdoor Club has put together this trip, and there’s going to be a whole crowd of us making our way down to Jackson Falls, IL for a weekend of fun tomorrow. Hehe. So tomorrow evening, I’ll hit the showers at work and round up the other three people who’ll be riding with me and make that 5 hr drive down south. Woohoo! And unlike last fall, when we nearly froze our fingers off climbing, the weather for this weekend looks gorgeous. So sit tight in your seats, more stunning fall pictures coming right up. Haha.

Oh, in other news, I got a call from the University today. Ack, remember that stupid, senseless robbery that happened to me in, I dunno, sometime August? Well, turns out, I am still unable to forget about it. The f**ker’s school wants to schedule a disciplinary hearing to decide whether to expel him, and I FREAKING HAVE TO BE THERE. What a colossal waste of time. I told the woman who called that I really don’t give a damn about what happens to him. After I tried to shake her off by saying that I couldn’t take leave off work, she tried to convince me by saying that the school understands and will try to take as little of my time as possible. But WTH lah, I want to save my days off for things I actually ENJOY, and not waste it on trying to rehabilitate some idiot’s life. He’s already wasted enough of my time. Verdict? I dunno, I’ve managed to brush her off for now, but damn, the school’s persistent. This might not be the last I’ve heard from her. @#$!


7 thoughts on “Embracing fall

  1. You sound extremely excited. Haha Haven heard you so psyched up for a long time. Sigh.. It also means you’ll be gone the entire weekend & I can’t talk to you when the only time I can spare now is the weekend. 😦 Got no one to lunch with today also.. I think I shall just stay in the office..

  2. Hahaha, I am excited! Nothing as fun has come up in a long while. 😀 I’m just hoping my foot can take the stress. Otherwise, I’ll go hiking lor, but it’s just awesome to be outdoors again!

    No colleagues to lunch with?

  3. eh not very chummy with my colleagues. they all have their own friends. realised they dun lunch as a department one. not like in dbs. but they’re juz very nice & friendly in the office. different office, differente culture. but I think it’s nicer here. you have no idea how much I hate those people back in dbs. they’re all money-minded assholes who treat you according to how rich they think you are, or how useful you are to them. it’s a horrible mindset, which is why i don’t want to go into sales. I don’t want to become one of them. think i shall stay in office for lunch or walk across to fullerton & sleep. haha so tired, i fell asleep in the toilet juz now for 20 mins. power nap man. got friend working nearby, but i’m wearing horribly painful shoes today. dun really feel like walking so far.

  4. hallooooo. i like the new format…s’very soothing! 🙂

    it’s distressing that the whole mugging thing is becoming even more of a punishment on you. have you considered telling them straight up that you have better things to be doing with your free time? i wonder how they’d take that…

    hehehe, for a while, i imagined you packing two pairs of shoes into another pair of boots…the whole boot/trunk thing that reminds me of how confused people were in middle school when i asked for a rubber to erase a mistake on my paper.

  5. yeah! resist! do not give in! hahaha. maybe they just want to see the ‘victim’ so they feel better about expelling him. anyway, how would your being there help to rehabilitate him? yeah don’t waste more time on him.

  6. Hehe, at least you guys support me. For a minute there, I *almost* felt guilty about not doing my part as a citizen to help keep order. Haha. But then I thought, WTH lah, isn’t he further victimizing me by preying on my time? Now I feel sorry for the victims everwhere. At least I wasn’t traumatized by my incident, but for those people who are, poor sods, the system isn’t even giving them a break, a chance to get on with their lives and forget about the past.

    Bloody hell. That whole mugging only took like 5 minutes, but I’ve already wasted 6 hours of my time at the police station, the courtroom. It’s time to move on.

    Sunny: Hahah, I’d have loved to see your teacher’s face when you asked so innocently, ‘do you have rubber?’ Wahahah.

  7. Irrelevant: But I like your new layout!

    Anyway on the robbery: Sometimes we let criminals get away because we cannot be bothered how they are punished. That’s not really the ideal situation isn’t it? Go for his “hearing” , for humanity, I suppose.

    Ah fuck it. Just hang up on her. 😉

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