Anchor Workshop

Devin from the OAC kindly organized an anchoring workshop for us today, and even called on a couple people from the Chicago Mountaineering Club to share their gear and help demonstrate the dozens of ways to set up anchors and ropes.

So we met at the Point – been a while since I was last there (Dave K’s BBQ last summer), and while it was a gorgeous day sun-wise, it was freezing cold. It’s April, spring, but it was freeeeeezing. Think high 30s F (around 3-4 deg C), and strong biting winds.

Though it was an intro class of sorts, half of our group were pretty experienced climbers, with multi-pitch climbs under their belts. Everyone had a ton of fun though; for my part, I learned a lot, and am newly inspired to master lead climbing and do more climbs outdoors. 😀

Jamie showing Angela and I how to set up a top rope

Breaking up into groups to practice setting up the anchors

Devin demonstrating his cool rope system

Andy pretending to be the casualty while we practised taking him off belay and leaving him to languish…

Brett the slackline genius


10 thoughts on “Anchor Workshop

  1. Wow, awesome video. And the workshop’s cool too, is that way up at Northwestern??

    Guess what… I’m still @ work trying to get this thing done right. Good thing we’re not going climbing, eh?

    I totally want to go see that film… but am glad I took it easy last night. Hey, why not skip ceramics class *again* to hang out with you? lol

  2. Hehe, climbing tomorrow! It’ll give me a chance to rest my knee too. It’s a lot better now, but I still can’t sit/stand still without changing positions for too long, nor can I walk down the stairs. But since we’re going to be climbing UP…

    Nope, the workshop was down at the U of C… I was going to ask you along, but you had to work… man, I really want to go climb outdoors now!

  3. the way you described it, you’ve done leads before right? go do more, you’ll love it more and more! soon you won’t turn back to top-rope 😛

  4. hah, gecko: yah, I took a leads class and practiced it a couple times… haven’t had the time to go back down to the gym I got certified in though – I still don’t meet the requirements for the one I normally go to, and frankly, lead falls scare the hell out of me. I scream the gym down everytime I fall. Hah.

    you’re in sg right? know any good spots for outdoor climbing? is the dairy farm spot still open for climbing?

  5. gecko: haha, yah, I’ve actually looked into that site before – was trying to persuade my friends to pick it up so I’ll have people to climb with when I get back! 😉 so have you been climbing long?

  6. PS: sorry. it should be i *used* to climb a few years ago – not for now because i’m giving myself too many excuses not to do so such (1) my home and the climbing gym is at opposite ends of the island (2) i’ve my hands full tending to a zoo and the animals. but, i’ve not given up the pursuit though… in time lah.

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