Extreme Outdoors Film Festival

After a hard day’s of climbing, what better way to relax than to hang out with fellow enthusiasts at the Banff Mountain Film Festival up in Park West, a “movie house” with comfy couches and booths?

We saw 11 films in a space of over three hours, some which ran for about 20 minutes, and some which were only 5 mintues:

… The 10-year old girl who completely awed me with her V-10 moves. It was just beautiful to see her “send” the ceiling boulder problem. She was crimping shallow two finger pockets upsidedown that I can’t even hold onto on a positively sloping wall… – I was inspired to redouble my efforts; climbing again tomorrow!

… The team of kayakers who hauled their 90 lb (!!!!!!!) boats and gear up a couple thousand feet (and 3 miles of uphill, unsteady terrain), and who then proceeded to nail the first descent of the white water in the Sierra Mountains. – Julie and I prodded each other and promised that we’re going to nail our rolls by the end of the summer.

… The mountain bikers who launched themselves 25 feet into free space, then face planted into the rocky hillside, churning up horrific clouds of dust in the process and drawing sharp gasps from the audience – The most painful sport of all the movies we caught… the rock-climbers only sustained scabs, scratches and bruises, but nothing as scary as the bikers. Even the extreme snowboarders/skiiers crashed into soft, powdery snow…

… The crack climbers in Indian Creek, Utah. Think straight, smooth reddish towering impossibly high into the brilliant blue sky. Then think lean climbers, slowly, relaxedly, jam pieces of cams and their taped up, but still raw hands into narrow fissures as they doggedly make their way up the wall. Or, think free falling into empty space and then a hard unforgiving wall like in the picture below…

Beautiful, isn’t it? To be honest, I’m not sure if I have the commitment to work till this level of climbing, and lead falls still scares the hell out of me. Eventually – and hopefully soon – though, I still want to go on multi-pitch climbs.

So anyway, I had a ton of fun – we all did – but I’m not brave/crazy/passionate enough to want to do some of the things they did. No death wish, and sadly, no time either… šŸ˜€


17 thoughts on “Extreme Outdoors Film Festival

  1. haha, who told you? but yah, i doubt it – got orders not to over-strain my knee… and i did the pros and cons analysis – climbing more impt. although, i think i’ll start short runs this week after work… for some @#$#%!@ reason, my pants have become a real tight fit. i mean, i do work out often enough i think… and my appetite has only increased a leeeetle bit.

  2. If it’s any consolation, cafe iguana isn’t very expensive. Hehe.. Plus, if you go during happy hour, d & you will get a jug of magaritas each for the price of 1! Hehe…

  3. Wahaha.. So I shall be thick-skinned & self-invite & then share that jug with you! Hehe.. Although seriously, I find that the standard at Iguana’s has dropped drastically. They’re magaritas used to be much stronger. Or maybe it’s just me getting immuned to alcohol. Sigh…

  4. Since her send of Lowrider (V10), Cicada, now eleven, have also sent a V11. Not sure which one though. But like Katie Brown she’ll slow down when she gets older.

    Leader falls aren’t that scary when the fall is clean (like it is in the pic). You just have to know when you can and cannot fall. Also leading gets easier and less scary the more you do it. Just be glad we have bolts and dynamic ropes instead of climbing with Goldlines and having to hammer in pitons on lead.

  5. haha, mike, yes, she’ll slow down, but she’d still be able to do v11s eh? man, i just hope to nail a v2 like maybe soon??

    hey – are you back in town mid may? wanna go climbing? and we’ve a wine club meeting on the 18th – will you be in town for that?

  6. Yeah she’ll still be doing V11s. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is the first girl to do a V14/15. I don’t know if she does sport, but she’ll also probably be doing 5.15s in a few years.

    It looks like I ‘ll be back May 11. Of course I want to go climbing. I wouldn’t mind driving down every weekend. And wine does sound good.

  7. I think to date there are only 2 5.15a (Flex Luther and Fortress of Solitude) in the US put up by Tommy Caldwell in Colorado. There is a rumored 5.15c (Spain I think) but since it hasn’t been repeated (neither have Caldwell’s routes) it’s a big question mark. Then there are the two boulder problems Wheel of Life by Koyamada and Witness the FItness by Sharma that will go at either V16 or 5.15b since they’re so long. But I haven’t heard of a specific roped route that is 5.15b. Err, so I guess the highest confirmed is 15a, but some possible 15b/c floating around out there waiting for a second ascent.

    It looks like I’ll be going back on the 23rd. So I’ll be around for 2 weekends.

  8. eh.. wahahaha! yeah it isn’t that expensive at all.

    anyway, does this mean you lose to everyone you’ve placed a bet with?! wah seh.

  9. d: haha, i didn’t make bets with that many people to start. šŸ˜€ just you, ed, my dad, grandpa aaaand… i’ve forgotten. haha. but we shall go during happy hour. makes no sense to not exploit the two-for-one deal. šŸ˜€

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