The grain silo

The rainy weather shot our weekend plans to drive out to Mississippi Palisades to climb and camp. Bummer. After a long winter of training indoors, I had so been looking forward to testing my climbing in the outdoors. Ah well, just gotta wait till mid-May, when Mike comes…

But since we’d already rented a car for the trip, we decided to make the most of it and go climb somewhere fun. Enter the old grain silos in Bloomington, IL. Ron had given me discount passes for there a long while ago, but since it’s a two hour drive out, I hadn’t used them till yesterday.

Six of us drove out, and we just had a ton of fun. We climbed for 9 straight hours in the 65-feet silos, put in an average of 11 climbs each. Oh man, it was a beautiful, beautiful place to go to – and my new gym of choice the next time I get rained out.

I must say, I’m not normally scared of heights, but it did take me a couple climbs to lose my nervousness at the top of the climb. The ground was really quite a ways below. 😀

In other news… After months of deliberation and hesitation, I BOUGHT A NEW CAMERA! The Nikon D70s, with a 28-300mm lens. Sweeeee-uht! Now, it better come before I go down to the Red, and DEFINITELY before I meet TPR in Oregon.


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