Unwelcome old friends

Old injuries never really heal. They just lie dormant, just beneath the surface, waiting to catch you at an unsuspecting, inconvenient moment.

I learnt this, hard, that day I worked at the kayaking rental, and yesterday, after I did my first crack climb. That day I went kayaking, I think somehow the weight of the boats I was hauling somehow put too much strain on my knees, such that by the end of my shift, I was limping pretty heavily again. While my knee did feel better after a night’s rest, climbing and all that scrambling up and down the boulders the next day did not do help ease the discomfort. It’s gotten better again, somewhat back to normal, but I can almost feel it lurking nearby, ready to rear its ugly head again with the next jolt, fall or just about anything really.

Then yesterday, I tried crack climbing at Climb On. It felt awesome, to be shimmying in up the wall by jamming my hands and feet into the fissures. But I guess the way that I’d squished my feet into the crevice one stacked on top of the other put unnatural strains on them. When I got off the wall, I realized almost immediately, much to my dismay, that my old foot sprain (from just when I’d picked up climbing last October) was back again to haunt me.

Been massaging it since last night, and today, I was able to run across the streets pretty normally. Still, it doesn’t feel quite right yet, and I suspect, never will.

I guess Mike would know. Poor sod triggered an old injury again, and looks set to sit out on our planned climbing trip this weekend. Which is a great pity, since we were all looking forward to head down to Kentucky. Goodness knows what terrible luck I’ve had with Kentucky. I’ve tried four times now to climb there, but was thwarted all four times because of work, work, rain, and rain. Looks like I’ll chalk up another unsuccessful trip this week…

Hehe, on a completely random note, this pic cracked me up. Just thought I’d share it with you.

And my knee’s bothering me again. Argh.


20 thoughts on “Unwelcome old friends

  1. What no comments, I just commented! Besides, there isn’t a real picture of your car & why alan? I think rickman sounds way better for a car. Alan just sucks. Waha.. Angela was telling us about the name of your car the other day & she was like it starts with A. I can’t remember what the name is. Then I went, Alan. Sigh.. See! I know you sooo well! Aren’t you touched?

    Anyway, you have to take better care of your injuries, otherwise it’s gonna haunt you again when you’re like 40-50 years old. I’m serious… My knee hurts whenever it rains these days.. I think I have rheumatism. & I’m only 24. No.. 23. Bday not here yet. πŸ˜› So, I’ve warned you already ah. When you’re 40-60 years old, & you can’t go holidaying with me coz I’d have retired by then, then that’s your problem. I’ll just ignore you.

  2. You still never get your knee check properly as we have been telling you? What your friend’s saying is correct, better get it check and take care else you will regret when you are older. I am serious.

  3. Hello auntie! Wahaha.. Yay! Got someone to scold you as well, ps. See lah.. δΈε¬θ€δΊΊθ¨€οΌŒεƒδΊεœ¨ηœΌε‰γ€‚ Woo hoo! I shall gang up with your mom to nag at you more often man.

    Oh.. I don’t think your mom knows who I am. Auntie, I’m the one who always visits you! πŸ˜›

  4. Eh, can you post your mailing address on our blog? I’ll delete it after I write it down. I wanna send you your postcard today, but I forgot to copy your address down. Come to think of it, I dunno where your address went. Hmmm. I wonder if it’s in my email address book.

    Oh.. I know how you can leave it without people seeing it. Just save it as a draft. Then I’ll log into my account & be able to view it.

    Wanted to get envelopes so I can send Angela her photo cd & hand in my resignation letter as well, but forgot. Now gotta go buy.. Knn…. Coz I have to hand in my resignation by today, so my colleague can take over my computer & not have to order a new one. Sigh.. I have come to the conclusion that the IT department in all companies suck big time!

    Leave me your mailing address!

  5. Got your sms. Have decided to change restaurants for my bday dinner this fri. From http://www.carnivore.com.sg/ to http://www.hogsbreath.com.sg/menu/. Check it out. I will still go to Carnivore one day. Just that I don’t think I can stomach all that meat after Taiwan. My complexion is suffering from all that junk I stuffed down my throat & I think my digestive system & whole internal body system is suffering from the dire consequences as well. Sigh.. So much for losing 2 kg. I think I put on an extra 5 kg. 😦

  6. damn you… make me hungry. nmind! i eat nice italian food tom. then i already know wat i’m getting on fri. haha.. i’m gonna get the tex-mex combo! mmmm.. chimichangas! & grilled sirloin steak over cajun rice with cheese sauce & tomato salsa. hehehehe.. then i’ll get nachos for starters. heheheheh.. reminds me a lot of chicago. 😦 i miss the food there… where we had before dinner drinks & after dinner drinks… a pity they dun have this kinda practise in sg. i would turn so alcoholic. Haha…

  7. Reaching, reaching. Don’t remind me.. Another year & we’re mid-20s! WTF!!!!! Scary thought…

    Okay.. done with your postcard. Sending it out later together with Angela’s. Let’s see how long this takes to reach you. I shall do the most expensive postage! So you can’t say I’m giam. Haha

  8. heya! πŸ™‚ i was just listening to “do you hear the people sing” from les misΓ©rables and hahaha. which remind me of you (singing tunelessly) πŸ˜€

    oh oh, my colleague said he bought a bottle of wine for $100 (!@#$!) over the weekend. and, he is inviting some of us to drink with him πŸ™‚ hehe.. maybe there can be dgs in singapore too *grin*

  9. Lol.. How come you know she’s reading? You actually check your tracker so frequently ah? Oh.. since she’s reading!

    PY! I want the angela photos! I mean the photos your kapo from angela’s comp. Sms me your address also, so I can send the CD to you. I think it’ll be faster that way, instead of us meeting up since u’re sooo busy. Then the $$ issue, I owe you. You don’t owe me anything, so sms me your bank a/c no as well, then I’ll transfer the $$ over. I’ll settle with ps, dun worry about it.

  10. WAH!!!! you’re going to partake in a $100 bottle of wine!? I’m sooo jealous!!!!!!!!

    haha, andy said he’ll set up a dgs chapter in singapore once he gets back. πŸ˜€ speaking of dgs, our group is growing – we’ve ~15 people for DGS IV: this thurs! hehe, and it’s beer night… (i call it alternative wines ;)) colleen and ned are going to lead it this time around, and they brew their own beer, so we’ll get to try some of it. fun stuff!

    excuse me, i sing v nicely. πŸ˜€

  11. Oh pls.. What you do, is not called singing. It’s called speaking in a tuneless manner. Wahaha… Why don’t you believe us when we tell you you can’t sing?!?!??!

    Okay.. going to post your postcard & all the other stuff. Gonna run to the post office before the queue grows! Brb. Ttyl.

  12. oh did i tell you guys about dgs – we have two neds, and two andys now! πŸ˜€ hahah, if we can get another dave, then we’ll have two of each! hehe.

    ok, nights.

  13. cool! looking forward to a Singapore dgs πŸ˜€

    your friends brew their own beer.. sigh, i don’t know who are all those people .. we are so drifting apart. heee…

    c: ok.. actually no hurry in sending me the photos πŸ™‚ i won’t be developing them so soon anyway.

  14. eh, don’t say until liddat mah “drift apart”… at least i still talk to you often enough! πŸ˜€ i met colleen and ned through pauline lah. actually, dave k brewed beer too, except that he never ended showing me how to. sigh, too busy studying. hahah.

    yah, you guys shld set up the sg dgs and then we can try to coordinate our events and pool our research together. so exciting! πŸ˜€

  15. i is back! with my trusty nicely warmly toasted sandwich. πŸ˜›
    but then you’re probably in bed already. 😦
    no one to entertain me for lunch.. i shall go surf rubbish.

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