Let rip and fly

Cirque de Soleil: Corteo was amazing. It was so fantastical, whimsical, I was reminded of my childhood fantasy (thanks to a heavy diet of Blyton’s circus tales) to run off and join the circus. I suspect rock climbing has given me a new level of appreciation for the acrobatics as well – perched on a barely perceptible ledge on the wall on Saturday, I was keenly aware of my full body/muscle effort needed just to stay on the wall. My stomach muscles were trembling from the exertion of keeping it tucked into the wall; my toes were screaming from their tiny point of contact with the rock, and my right index and middle fingers were aching from their hold of the tiny crimp. Beads of perspiration poured down my forehead when I slowly inched my left hand along the far left side of the wall. When, after an agonizingly long moment, I finally located a bit of depression enough to jam my fingers in, I cautiously shifted my weight to my left foot… only to rip off the rock and go bouncing into the air… But there they were, these acrobats, seemingly effortless and infinitely weightless/graceful in their one handed headstands, somersaults, ladder/stilt dance, and walking up inclined tightropes.

I’m newly inspired to perfect my tight-rope walking (I’ve managed to wobble my way across 20 feet of slackline slung a couple feet from the ground ;)), and to learn how to trapeze. And trapeze I just might! I’ve found a trapeze school in Chicago.


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