Status Quo

I’m an oddball of contradictions; I’ve never denied that. On the one hand, I loathe changes; if I had my way, we’d all stay the same – same relationships, inter-relationships. No one falls out with the other, no one moves away.  No one seeks out a different phase in life.

But if I did have it my way, I’d be bored. Friends know this (or if they didn’t, my incessant whining must have clued them in). They know how fidgety I get when I’m stuck with the mundane. I guess, the most honest way to put it would be – I want to be the only variable, ceteris paribus.

This past winter, I managed to cram for a series of exams while trying to adjust to the demands of a new job. On top of that, I picked up climbing and started the wine club. I’ve since cleared my mandatory exams, and climbing and DGS have happily become fixtures in my life. And since kayaking has been put on hold until the weather warms up again, I have the time to take on something different this winter, challenge myself, meet new people.

At a party last Saturday, I met someone who has started taking Improv lessons. The whole concept sounded really cool, albeit frightening since I suck at public speaking. The more I thought about it though, the more it intrigued me. It’ll do me good to face my fear of putting myself out there (my fear, by the way, is akin to standing atop a 10m high diving board; I’d sooner jump off the board I think). I ran the idea through a few friends, and in the end, after a quick phone call inquiring about the course, I plonked my money down. What sealed my (somewhat impulsive) decision, I think, is my anticipation/nervousness of a new challenge. If 2006 is my year to scale literal hills, 2007 shall be the year I surmount a metaphorical one.

I have a couple of other ideas in the works right now as well, but I whole-heartedly welcome any suggestions! Heh.

*Some ideas put forth by friends: wine classes (taking one-off classes now); bartending (an intriguing idea, but I’m not too interested in mixed drinks); cooking (I don’t like to cook for myself); pottery (my creative juices aren’t flowing right now); art (no inspiration); Spanish classes (I was all for this idea this time last year… but the idea of more studying now…); dancing (two left feet); crew (thinking of taking this up in spring); yoga (eep, not me, thanks); trapeze swinging (got to wait till the weather warms up); Bridge (yup, once the NW kids come back from break)…


4 thoughts on “Status Quo

  1. Nay, i get the same feeling as u do too… always vacillating between wanting to make changes to my life and keeping the status quo, haha!

    No worries, at least your 2006 is a well-spent one!

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