When you’re working…

…a long weekend feels like eternity. Especially when you jam it full of activities, you forget how painful work could be.

This morning, I faced the facts – I acknowledged what I had been trying to ignore for some time now: I have become addicted. To coffee.

Straggling into work early this morning, I was upbeat – I thought I’d managed enough shut eye over the weekend to function effectively (granted, just 5 hours each Friday and Saturday, but I had 8 hours Sunday) without that drug. But as the minutes slowly – and agonizingly ticked by – 7:00 AM, 7:30 AM, I knew I was losing the fight. As my eyelids drooped lower and lower, I tried multi-tasking – reading 4 different news sources at the same time. 8:30 AM: I started scanning the stocks, breaking the routine every couple of minutes now and again to stretch, and physically prop my eyelids open. 9:00 AM: I grabbed my keys and staggered down the stairs for a bag of chips. 9:30 AM: I’d made my way through a quarter of the bag, and felt reasonably awake. 10:00 AM: Finally throwing my hands up in the air, I morosely walked over to the pantry, and poured myself a cup of coffee. Smaller one though, than my usual grande.

My consolation: At least I only need one cup of coffee to kick me into power drive. Ting, who was here this past weekend, had to throw back cups at a time just to tame her morning coffee headache.

Speaking of whom, I hope she had a good time. I like to think of myself as a great host, having welcomed a stream of people over the past year and half: Cristalle in the summer of 2005, Kaihong and his friends over Christmas and New Year’s, Edwin in Spring 2006, Julia and Vivie over the summer, Angela (well, she doesn’t count since she knows the area as well as I do) one blustery fall weekend, Ruoxi and entourage in late fall (again, Ruoxi doesn’t really count, and hm, neither does Ruoying really), and Ting this past weekend. Looking ahead, Kerk’s coming for two weekends end March through April, and we’re planning on going camping in the area one weekend, and possibly Colorado over Good Friday for some skiing, hiking and camping.

Alas, the odd winter temperature this past weekend made it impossible for either skiing (not enough snow) or climbing (no ice, and too cold for rock). Nevertheless, we did pack in quite a full weekend of stuff.

A group of us had Vietnamese food, and then half of us split to catch Second City’s War! In its 4th Smash Year, a highly irrevant but side-splittingly funny theaterical performance (what else do you expect from them?). Afterwards, loathe to call it a night, we wandered into a club for drinks.

I was keen on getting some climbing in, and excited about introducing the sport to Ting, so we dragged her to the gym. She had fun, at least, that’s what she maintains, in spite of her still aching limbs. Afterwards, we stopped by Sam’s to pick up a bottle of Lambrusco (John said it’s splendid with Indian) and went to Devon for some vegetarian food. Then it was down to the Neo-Futurist for Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. The admission price was $7 plus the roll of one die – Donny paid $9, I paid $10, and Ting paid $11. As always, the show was a riot. We stopped by Simon’s after, so Ting could try some glugg.

We went up to Ann Sather’s in Belmont on Sunday for brunch. Andy joined us for brunch, and then Ting and I took a stroll around the neighborhood. Afterwards, we caught A Good Shepard at the theatre before rushing to meet the usual bunch at Tango Sur for dinner. I’ve brought most of my guests there for dinner, and so far, no one’s been disappointed. Knocked down quite few delightful bottles of wine in the process.

We met Jon, Kaitian, and Denis for dim sum. And Ting got durian freeze after – the others were perplexed by her delight. Hah. Then I brought her to U of C for that obligatory look around. It’s always nice to stop by and wander around campus, remembering the good old times.


4 thoughts on “When you’re working…

  1. i want to do all that too!! watching 2nd City, too much baby makes the baby go blind (we first watched that in the shoreland ballroom, right? :D), eating at Ann Sather’s, dim sum and Tango Sur (yum.. and yah, you should bring her to san soo gab san :D~~) and walking around UofC!! .. emmm.. maybe should really plan a trip in july 🙂

  2. yup, the first too much light we saw in shoreland. 🙂 those good old days.

    yes babes, come in july. i’ll give you a grand time. i promise. 😀 we can relive those times we spent lounging by the lake too!!!

  3. mmmm… coffffeeee… 6 cups today and 3 cups of green tea.. 7 minutes to midnight :)…
    had a *kick-butt* awesome time in Chicago, you are more ‘hostess’ than you know :P. Gonna have a hard time following-up when you come to Melb (which you will, clearly!). Needless to say, I am amazed at how full your life is… totally tempted to throw at least a couple of my hefty texts out the window and rethink the way I spend my time during semesters.
    Here’s to everest *winks*

  4. dude. you’re the one for talking. im not the one who catches only 2 hours of sleep during term time to run all those clubs! 🙂 soso, are you going to join that climbing gym? 😀

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