Improv IV

Man, we’ve already reached the mid-point of the improv class. Only four more classes to go before the end of Level A. Today, we had to fill in a note indicating if we were going to sign up for the next level.

I think I am. It’s been a blast, and every week, it gets easier. 😀

Games today:

We kicked it off with Bippety Bop:

All players in a circle, one player in the middle who is ‘it’. This player picks a player in the circle and yells ‘bippety-bippety-bop’ at her. If he manages to get to ‘bop’ before she can say ‘bop’, she becomes ‘it’.

Other possibilities are:
Say ‘Elephant’, after which 3 players build the elephant: the player picked does the trunk (hold nose and squeeze your other arm through) and her neighbors doe the ears. If any of the 3 players screws up or does not react he or she becomes it.
Say ‘mixer’: the player in the middle becomes a mixer, holding arms up in the air, sort of horizontally, while her neighbors position themselves under her hands, and turn around their axises
Say ‘toaster’ : the player in the middle becomes a slice of bread, and her neighbors become the toaster, by ‘building’ the toaster with their arms around the bread. The slice of bread pops up an down too when done!

Our variations were “elephant”, “hula”, and um “penis”.

Another game – Conducted Story:

Players form a line on the stage. A title for a story, and a story genre is obtained from the audience. The MC starts the game by pointing to a player, who needs to start telling the story. At any point in time the MC can switch to another player, who needs to continue the story flawlessly, even if the switch happened in the middle of a sentence or even in the middle of a word.
Players that hesitate, or whose sentences are not grammatically correct or don’t make sense, are boo-ed out of the game, by the audience yelling ‘Die’. The last player left ends the story.

We didn’t boot anyone out of this game, but it was quite interesting to see how someone would take up where you got cut off.

Next, we played a three sentence story. Three people would get up on stage, spread out. The first person would say, “Once upon a time”, the third, “The end”, and the middle person whatever line supplied by the audience. Then the three people would say their lines one after the other, over and over again, even as other players step in between the three key characters to add lines to the story. The aim of the game would be to form a intelligble and cohesive story when everyone steps into the line. I thought this game was funnier than the Conducted Story, since, with a beginning, middle, and end, the storyline was a lot tighter.

We also played a game called Conduct Griping, in which we would stand in a line with Kimmy as our conductor. In the first game, we could each select a personal pet peeve, and, following Kimmy’s directions, we would start to gripe about it. If she signalled for everyone to yell, we would shoot our mouths off, if she pointed at just one person, he could then go off on his pet peeve until she cut him off and move on to the next person. Just like in an orchestra. It was pretty cathartic – my complain was about idiots who cut lines – well, at least in the first game when we could grouse about our real grievances. But the results in the second game was hilarious too – we were each given some random topic to bitch about. I got Starbucks coffee, someone got penguins, another person France. You get the idea.

Afterwards, we played Slideshow. Two players would sit comfortably in their chairs, and build up a scenario where they’d be going through slides of some previous trip. As they talked, the lights would go off, and the others players on stage would have split seconds to freeze into random positions. When the lights come on again, the two players would then comment on the “slide that’s up on the wall”, until they signalled for another light switch. The fun of the game is to come up with really wacky poses that the two players would then have to justify.

I liked the last game we played, World’s Worst.

Players line up, and the audience provides verbs, hobbies and occupations. The players need to come up with the worst possible way of doing/being what the audience suggests.

Some suggestions were: World’s worst gynaecologist (“Now where’s my watch?!”, pick-up lines (“One time, in band camp”), “Do you have some Italian in you? Would you like some?”), sailor, dog, cat, teacher.


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