A mini frostnip

A touch of frost bite?

Well now, I don’t really think I have frost bite, or even frost nip. A quick check online suggests that I might have trench foot/immersion foot though my feet were quite dry the whole time. Cold, but dry. Two days after I went ice climbing in Minnesota in -10 degree farenheit conditions, my feet are still feeling numb and tingly. Not a good sign eh?

So last Friday, Chuck, Bruce, Jeff and I made the 7.5 hour trek to Sandstone, Minnesota, for some ice climbing. I’d wanted to camp out, but thankfully Jeff vetoed my idea and booked us a room at the nearby Travelodge instead. Temperatures were much, much lower than I expected at -10 degrees. Eep.

Nonetheless, Sandstone was fun, and I think both Bruce and Jeff (both ice virgins) enjoyed themselves. As a plus, I got to introduce the boys to Kami, who is one of the coolest people around – she entertained us with crazy stories of winter diving, skating upside down under water across the ice, and was sweet enough to procure us goody-bags from the evening’s slideshow when the boys voted to go to Mall of America instead.


Man made waterfalls – Kami told us there were fewer ice falls to climb this year because one of the organizers moved to Florida


Chuck and I in the foreground, watching Bruce’s inaugural attempt on the ice


Me, showing off the ice picks while Jeff climbs in the background


Chuck on the ice


Some random dude attempting rock and ice climbing, the ultimate form of climbing

Some literature I had to look up regarding frost bite vs. frost nip and immersion foot


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