View from the rearview mirror

And so we stand, at the last day of 2007. This has been a fairly placid year. Though not uneventful, I’ve not marked any major milestones nor struck off worthy goals. That is not unnecessarily a bad thing, considering that I all I’d really set up for myself this year was to lead a “full life.” At the start of 2007, I said this: “This year, I don’t have any new resolutions/goals that I particularly want to set for now, except maybe this: work hard, but play hard, with an eye towards the longer term. It’s high time I start seriously thinking/planning in five year increments.”

To that end, this has been a good year. On the job front, I was given a more senior title and have comfortably adjusted to a reporting to a new boss a few states away. On the fun front, I have:

1. Climbed hard this year and have begun to ease into leading more difficult routes
2. Tried my hand at improv and enjoyed the challenges of it
3. Fed my growing passion for opera
4. Taken my first big trip abroad in 2 years with one of my favorite travel companions, TPR;
5. Completed a 65-mile bike ride
6. Tasted many, many bottles of good wine and formed strong friendships with my wine buddies
7. Kept up and even rekindled the friendships I’ve made over the years

But while I tried to think/plan in five year increments, the thorny visa problem refused to go away. The issue has reared its ugly head again, derailing some of my laid plans. At this point, I’m adopting a wait-and-see attitude, and hopefully, will be able to think with a clearer head by mid-year 2008. The trotting along this year was enjoyable, but it’s time to pick up the reins to urge the horse forward at a more of a gallop in 2008. Oh, and cook more.


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