Uncle Vanya

Note to self: vodka isn’t like wine. Those damn vodka infused with cranberry and organic honey did me in last night. Seriously, not an experience I’d care to repeat anytime soon – if not again. Those Russians and their crazy drinks. 😦

On to perkier stuff: a good sign that everyone enjoyed the opera, Carmen, was when everyone started happily – and loudly – humming the tune of the overture. 🙂 Bizet’s a genius really, to have a score just filled with tunes so catchy that everyone grew up to. Who knows what else he might have come up with if he hadn’t died a premature death…

Nevermind that the word “love” is tossed around so casually and easily in the opera, it was still one of the more realistic operas, of love, lust, betrayal, and tragedy. The set was really sumptuous too, and had me audibly gasping in wonder when the curtains parted in Act III to reveal a scene set in the mountains, with softly falling snow. Olga Borodina, the mezzo soprano who starred as Carmen, had a lovely thick, and sultry voice that reminds me of a strong malted beer, creamy and decadent. Maija Kovalevska, the soprano who played Micaëla, on the other hand, reminded me of a madeira – rich, warm, and sweet but still very light at the top.


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