Perfection: the ability to indulge in three of my greatest pleasures, with close friends, and under a balmy, sunny and cloudless spring day.

Kicked the day off with a breakfast date with Kayla, Maggie, and Kathy at Victory Banner. I’d had a long but fun time the night before at Jeff and Zhen’s first watching my Traviata DVD and then playing a long game of taboo in a group of 10, and was consequently somewhat blearly eyed when I got to the cute little diner. The girls’ perky conversations and the delicious chai and omlettes soon woke me up though.

Next, I drove downtown to meet Bruce and Jeff for the Metropolitan Opera’s live HD streaming of La Boheme. The Chicago Lyric Opera had also staged the opera this past season, and I’d enjoyed it tremendously, and was thus really looking forward to the Met’s production.

Metropolitan Opera’s La Boheme – Act IV

I really enjoyed the opera – Franco Zeffirelli’s production was simply gorgeous. The sets were hyper realistic, especially Act II’s Latin Quarter set: towering shophouses as a backdrop that opened to a piazza filled with awnings of brightly colored stores selling clothing, food, and cafes. The attention paid to detail was simply amazing. Besides that, Ramón Vargas, Angela Gheorghiu, Ainhoa Arteta portrayed really convincing and touching characters of Rodolfol, Mimi, and Musetta, respectively. It was difficult not to be swept into the moments of it all and stay detached.

Once again, we had a bottle of wine and some cheese to go along with the opera, much to the envy of our neighbor, who wished she had thought of the idea herself. Hehe. I’d brought along another bottle of Grenache again, this time a Spanish number, the 2006 Atteca Old Vine (the vines are purportedly 80-120 years old). Gosh, it was even better than the Tintara – the tannins were super smooth, and tasted almost sweet in our mouths, with flavors of cherries and blueberries, and a tinge of mocha at the end. Simply incredible, especially at the super affordable price point of ~$18. Awesome, awesome, value for money.


Afterwards, we headed out west to VE, where we joined Julian, Sandra, Lida, Miguel, Eugene, and Lisa on the walls. I haven’t climbed with Julian and Sandra in a really long while (they’ve been going on Saturdays, while Chuck and I have been going on Sundays), so it was a delight to hang out with them again. Put in some good routes, and I’m looking forward to more climbing with Chuck again tomorrow.

We didn’t stay till closing this time, but headed out a little past 8pm to a little Mexican restaurant by Julian and Sandra’s, where we happily partook in glasses of margaritas and generous bowls of nachos and salsa.

Great times!


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