Gone Climbing

It’s finally happening – after all the starts and stops in trying to go climbing outdoors, it looks like we’re finally really, really going to make things happen this time! The weather forecast for Saturday down in Kentucky remains positive, and we’ve booked a cabin for all seven of us (Julian, Sandra, Lida, Miguel, Chuck, Jeff, and I). I will finally be able to fully utilize the rope, helmet, and quickdraws I’d bought (though because we’re holing up in a cabin with beds, I won’t get to test my new self-inflating sleeping pad). Oooh, what fun! Think a full day in the outdoors, breathing fresh air and getting pumped on the routes, then lounging by Miguel’s in the evening enjoying baked rice/pizza, wine and tequila, and reliving tales of the day’s exciting climbs. Also looking forward to taking more pictures with my camera – I’m quite pleased with how some of the pictures I took recently turned out, and I want to get in more practice shooting before I head south to Peru at the end of the month.

Other highlights this week: dinner with old college friends at Chicago Chop House (oh my, what sinfully succulent and juicy steaks), dinner and performance at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, a cocktail event at an art gallery downtown, homemade zhong zi (Chinese rice dumplings) by Sandy, among other no less memorable things.


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