Red River Gorge

Back from the Red River Gorge, Kentucky. Sore, tired, but happy. Great times!

Beautiful weather on Saturday – perfect, in fact, for climbing. There were scattered showers and thunderstorms on Sunday, but we still managed to have a blast hiking the Natural Bridge.

Chuck on his first climb of the day

View from the top of the 5.9

Jeff on a 5.10a/b

Trying to work my way up a 10d – not pretty

Lida confidently leads the 5.8 route, Abby Gabby Doo

Jeff giving Abby Gabby Doo a go

Attempting the crux of Abby Gabby Doo – damn I couldn’t stick clip the second bolt…

FINALLY made it… not pretty

Day 2: We got rained out but Julian needs to get his climbing fix

Natural Bridge

Supporting Miguels’ – I loooove the baked rice!

Scoping out some routes

The unnatural bridge


0 thoughts on “Red River Gorge

  1. Why do you keep saying that the photos taken of you are “not pretty”? You should give the photographer some credit mah!

  2. Julian’s notes on the routes we climbed (don’t you just love the names they come up with?) – my notes are in []:

    Saturday (May 10, 2008) Muir Valley Region

    Inner Sanctum (Lower Tantroft Hollow)

    Naugthy Neighbors *** 5.10d [solid, technical & a bit sustained] (Peishan cleaned this route) (Sandra, Mig, Lida, & Chuck climbed it)

    Bad Company **** 5.10b [or 5.10a?] (Fun one to lead especially for Miguel) (Sandra liked it on lead too) (Peishan cleaned this route) (Lida, Jeff and Chuck climbed it) [A little disappointed in myself for not daring to lead it… I climbed it twice, the second time to clean it, and I think it was within my capabilities to lead it… gotta work on my head]

    Netizen Hacktivist **** [can end up being a problematic 5.9+ depending on your approach] (Miguel set up this route and Sandra led it as well) (All of us climbed this route) [A couple of dicey sections, but I really liked this route. The boys didn’t like it as much, but I think Sandra, Lida and I quite enjoyed it. It involved not so much brute strength as quite a bit more balance.]

    The Boneyard (Main Valley North)

    Armed Insurrection *** 5.11a [bouldery start & a bit on the soft side of the rating scale] (Lida cleaned this route) (Sandra and Mig climbed it) [I toyed with the idea of trying the route, but after exhausting myself on the 10d, I decided I wouldn’t have fun trying it… some other time!]

    Cindarella *** 5.9 (a technical 5.9 that Chuck set-up) (Mig cleaned this route) (Peishan, Sandra, Jeff & Lida climbed this route) [I toyed with leading the route, but after hearing how Chuck took a fall – slamming Miguel into the wall in the process – I decided my nerves were not quite up to it. Maybe it was a good decision, given that I felt somewhat pumped climbing it, but I think if I had started out fresh, I could have sent it]

    Abby Gabby Doo ** 5.8[?] ;D (Short route w/ a -V0 bouldery risky problem to clip the 2nd bolt hanger which Lida set-up and then Peishan, Sandra, and Chuck led afterwards) (Jeff climbed this route) [The climb to the second bolt was hard, and I only managed it after 10 minutes of starts and stops. Thank god Lida had left the draw hanging, although, if she hadn’t, I would have happily stick clipped it and the rope in, and then went for it on top rope. The rest of the rote was a walk up though, which I was really grateful for since my nerves were still frazzled after the getting to the second bolt.]

    Sunday (May 11, 2008) Natural Bridge Region

    Natural Bridge (Original Trail)
    Sandra and Lida climbed and sent a -V0 boulder problem in one the very inviting (but ethically forbidden), sandstone walls encountered during the hike. “Naughty girls!” — Miguel 05/11/08

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