Climb, Wine, and Dumplings

Although it is a relatively new tradition that we have just started, one of the things I will definitely miss is our weekly climb, wine, and dumplings night. On Wednesday, eight of us convened at my place after having spent a couple hours scaling the outdoor walls of LPAC where Roger was on duty. Julian and Sandra brought along their bag of dumplings this time, since I had used up mine and Miguel’s bag the last couple of times and hadn’t had the chance to return to Katy’s to replenish my supply. They also brought along a bottle of Tozai Sake, which was super sweet and smooth – yummilicious (not so much of a nose, unlike the cedar sake they brought along last week, but oh so incredibly smooth)! I opened a couple bottles of wine as well, a Barossa Elderton Shiraz 2004, $30 (beautiful bouquet of berries, herb and some smoke flavors; young tannins, but not unpleasantly tight on the mouth; very nice), and a Veramonte Pinot Noir Chile, 2004, $15 (liked the toasty and slightly oaky nose; some strawberries; soft tannins), and had out the El Tosoro tequila and Sheridan. Hehe, yes, we had quite a selection available. While we waited to sample the dumplings cook-off between Sandra and Jeff, I supplemented the meal with my instant noodles from Singapore, hehe.

We had a blast, as usual, and the party only broke up past 1am – boo for work the next day.

Sandra prepping for Round 1

Jim and Gretchen

Tracey and Roger

Sandra loses Round 1 to Jeff but wins in Round 3


3 thoughts on “Climb, Wine, and Dumplings

  1. How did you guys cook your dumplings? The one time I tried to pan fry my dumplings from Katy’s it turned into this giant blob of dumplings all stuck together. I think I used too much water. Boiling was fine though.

  2. yah, i think the amount of water you use is the trick. just use enough water to cover the pan, and then some. dump in some oil, and wait for the water to boil before putting in the dumplings. that way, the dumplings won’t stick to the bottom of the pan. cover the pan until most of the water has cooked off, and then occasionally turn the dumplings over until the water is completely gone. then it’ll be a nice golden brown and be ready to be served. 😉

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