Quando M’en Vo

This aria by Musetta in La Boheme came on while I was driving with Chuck back from climbing, and the tune has been in my head the rest of the evening.

I couldn’t find the Renee Fleming one (the one I heard) online, so here’s one by Anna Netrebko.

Quando men vo soletta per la via,
When I walk all alone in the street
La gente sosta e mira
People stop and stare at me
E la bellezza mia tutta ricerca in me
And look for my whole beauty
Da capo a pie’…
From head to feet

Ed assaporo allor la bramosia
And then I taste the slight yearning
Sottil, che da gli occhi traspira
which transpires from their eyes
E dai palesi vezzi intender sa
and which is able to perceive from manifest charms
Alle occulte beltà.
to most hidden beauties.
Così l’effluvio del desìo
tutta m’aggira,
So the scent of desire is all around me,
Felice mi fa!
it makes me happy!

E tu che sai, che memori e ti struggi
And you, while knowing, reminding and longing,
Da me tanto rifuggi?
you shrink from me?
So ben:
I know it very well:
le angoscie tue non le vuoi dir,
you don’t want to express your anguish,
Ma ti senti morir!
but you feel as if you’re dying!


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