In Las Vegas

It is a little sad how reliant I have become on the instant communication. I found myself unable to stop toying with my phone and iPod touch the past couple days, becoming almost giddily happy when I could find some signal to communicate with he outside world. It is almost unfathomable the lives our forefathers used to live, when they had to patiently wait days on end for letters from their family and friends.

Anyway, we have finally arrived in Vegas after an eleven hour drive. We have met up with Ruoying, who has managed to procure two tickets to the Blue Man Group for herself and Peiyun. I am sitting in the lobby of the Venetian, waiting for Jeff and Ruoxi’s arrivals.

The Santa Fe opera, by the way, was absolutely amazing. Firstly, the location of the opera house, out alone in the New Mexico desert, could not have been more dazzling. The opera house was open, with a roof but without a backwall, so we were offered a stunning view of the desert sunset (the clouds actually cleared!). I wished I could have shared the sight with someone – Peiyun was outside the theatre watching the spectacle on her own since she hadn’t purchased tickets. The opera itself was thoroughly enjoyable; I can totally understand why Maria had said that it was her absolute favorite opera.

Having done the city stuff, yesterday, we explored the southwestern outdoors (hence the lack of connectivity). We camped out at Bandelier National Park, where we hiked along some beautifully rugged trails along steep volcanic ash cliffs that were lined with ancient Pleubo ruins. If only we had a couple more days; we would certainly have explored more of the terrain…


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