Relaxing Evening In

I admit – for a while, I was pining away for my convenient Lakeview location and ready group of friends in Chicago I could call up at a moment’s notice to go drinking on a Friday evening. But I can only blame myself (and maybe the fact that I live in at the end of the island – I’ve already driven 2,000 km in my first month here!) that I’m at home now. After all, I postponed a meet up with a friend till tomorrow evening, and begged off a swim date with TPR and a Karaoke session with Sihao who’s visiting from Chicago. And C, I promise I will make it downtown to the next drinking session!!!

In any case, after a couple glasses of Rosemont Shiraz Cabernet (a lot of dregs, interestingly, for such a young wine… still, pleasant and fruity enough to quaff, unlike the Parker Cab-Sauvignon Aussie crap that my dad bought at the inexplicable recommendation of his friend who ought to have his taste buds examined, urgh), my self-pity has happily faded away, and I’m enjoying the slight buzz the wine brings. And also enjoying my newly downloaded MP3 of Renee Fleming, Susan Graham, and Natalie Dessay’s Alcina. Pity the production DVD is not available (I hear there were a lot of hot nude Frenchmen parading on stage, hehe).


0 thoughts on “Relaxing Evening In

  1. oi! u missed it all!
    – ktv … velvet … zouk … until 5am
    – free champagne (MUMM, the official F1 spray) followed by supper club (pretty long wine list) … until 3am

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