Hari Raya Haji

It’s been a good week of catching up with friends, drinking and laughing. Had a sort of mini primary school class gathering at Dempsey Hill on Monday – I wanted to meet up with Valerie since she was in town, and also got several classmates along as well. Loved the choice of location, Dempsey Hill. Hehe, even though Cristalle lamented it was far and out of the way (which it is, being at the top of a secluded hill), I reckon its offering of braised duck and uber generous serving of foie gras makes the visit entirely worth the while. Mmm!

On Tuesday, I accepted Cristalle’s invitation to drink and play board games with some of her friends down in Boat Quay, and we somehow managed to laugh our way into the small hours of the night. Thank goodness for the public holiday today! Made it home half past one, and then spent another hour and a half chatting with friends half a world away. 🙂

Today, I luxuriated in bed for till half past noon, re-reading, probably for the twentieth time, David Edding’s Belgariad series (no, it never, never gets old!), before I headed all the way out west to climb with Bijuan, Vincent, and Jack. Pity the inclement weather prevented us from scurrying up the natural rocks at Dairy Farm; we did put in several good climbs at the gym though!

After, Bijuan patiently waited at Denise Wine Cellars at UE Square for me while I tried to put together a case of wine for this Sunday’s DGS. Boo – I was somewhat disappointed at the paltry Italian collection there… they only carried TWO labels of Italian white. Not even a Moscato d’Asti!!! Seriously. I really miss Sam’s Wine. We also popped into Cold Storage for a while, and I must say that I was pretty impressed by their collection there, tiny as it is. After all, they had four different bottles of Italian white, including two Orvietos that I’m really tempted to pick up (do you remember this, Jeff?), and a bottle of Carpineto Dogajolo I had previously tasted in the Belmont Wine Styles.

Anyway, for dinner, we ate at Tasting Notes, which Bijuan really liked for the ambience. The rain had cooled the weather considerably too, so it was really pleasant to sit alfresco style and watch people walking by. Since there were only two of us, we ordered glasses of wine instead of a bottle. Though the selection of wines by the glass was very limited, we were pretty pleased with our wines – a surprisingly delicious Merryvale Vineyards Napa Station Merlot 2005 for her (will have to keep my eye out for it!), and a Lugana DOC Superiore Moline 2006 for me.

Hehe, it looks like it’ll be a week of drinking for me. Probably more drinking with a client tomorrow evening, and Oktoberfest with Xavier on Friday. Meet up with Wellian and Pinn who will be in town Saturday, and DGS Singapore Sunday. 😀


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