My grandpa, the adventurer

“Don’t ever let go of your right hand,” I warned, a tad anxiously.

He flashed me an impish grin, and carefully hoisted all his 84 years over the edge of the building, and began to rappel down the side of the building. His gestures were smooth, almost nonchalant even, and he even paused mid-descent to give us a thumbs up.

From Climbing

My grandpa the rappeller


0 thoughts on “My grandpa, the adventurer

  1. he’s so stubborn though! his knees have been giving him problems, and it took the whole family a few weeks of incessant nagging before he agreed to listen to the doctor’s orders and lay off basketball and jogging for a while. hence, my dad decided that grandpa try rappelling to take his mind off his forced inactivity.

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