Absolutely knackered

I have been yawning quite possibly almost non-stop since I woke up this morning; should have caught up on more sleep.

Busy weekend though – rowing practice Saturday afternoon, followed by a long and loud evening playing board games with the girls, including Julia who’s visiting from Boston (hehe, even though we’ve been living in separate states and now countries, it’s pretty cool how we still manage to meet up three or four times every year).

Dragged myself to dragon boat again this morning, because I promised coach that I would show up for practice for the big upcoming regatta. I think I’m finally getting the hang of the strokes, although I still need reminders sometimes to watch my shoulder roll and keep my elbow up.

Immediately after, I took a quick shower and then headed to the climbing gym to meet the girls and Jack. Big bunch of us today. šŸ˜€ Wei finally decided to try climb with us and brought two of her friends along; and Sandy brought a friend as well, so all in all there were 9 of us. While I do dearly miss my climbing buddies in Chicago, the it’s been much easier re-adjusting back to life in Singapore, thanks to these newfound climbing friends.

But the non-stop exercises has quite done me in. I’m now lounging in bed, sipping a dram of Glenfiddich that Wei generously gave me, and deciding between calling it an early night and watching a movie…


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