Tales of Hoffman

Tales of Hoffman

At my cajoling, C kindly agreed to watch Tales of Hoffman with me, even agreeing to help purchase the tickets, since I was a total dunce at trying to obtain the 50% discounted tickets. Even though she had made it plain all along that she didn’t really appreciate opera, and that she had fallen sound asleep at last year’s performance of Turandot

In the end though, she took pity on my inability to snare other companions for the show, and we found ourselves back at the esplanade last night for the performance. 

What a solid performance! After the uneven showing of the cast of Turandot, we were both pretty impressed by the quality of the singing. The set design, borrowed from Opera Nice, along with the leading French tenor and conductor, was also visually attractive. While I can’t say that I really liked the fantastical plot, the music was delightful and entertaining. 

Hehe, and I am glad too, that C decided at the end of the night that she had a good enough time that she would be back for more! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Tales of Hoffman

  1. Erm.. more Offenbach. No more Puccini… Puccini puts me to sleep. Hehehehe….. Or maybe coz the seats were too comfortable during Turandot. Me thinks, we should just purchase cheap tickets & sit higher up. Tt way, I can look at my orchestra! I was paying more attention to the orchestra than the opera. Hehehehe.. I think tt’s what kept me awake. 😀

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