Night Cycling around Eastern Singapore

A bunch of us went for a bike ride starting last Thursday night. Although 14 of us started out, unfortunately, only an hour in, Jack and his wife had to throw in the towel because Jack’s back tire blew out. Vincent, being the handyman that he is, had a spare tire and spanner, but try as they might, they could not repair the tire. So sadly, we left the two of them behind, and continued on in the cool night breeze.

Ours was not a long route; only 44km (see map below). Ordinarily, I would have completed the route in under 3 hours. But we were in a big group, and so including the long break we had at the 24 hours MacDee’s in East Coast, we only got back to our starting point at 530 in the morning.

Nonetheless, it was a fun ride. We rode past a row of transvestites trying to pick up passing cars in Changi Village, who wolf whistled at the trio of patrolling policemen on foot. We passed by clusters after clusters of Malay fishermen, Malay and Indian couples canoodling on dimly lit benches, and weaved through other groups of night cyclists like ourselves. It may have been 3 in the morning, but the beach was quite abuzz with activity.


4 thoughts on “Night Cycling around Eastern Singapore

  1. Also depends on the elevation changes along the route, and whether it’s road/gravel/singletrack… here I’m thinking, 44km? very very long! until I remembered that this isn’t mountain country.

    Sounds really cool though. I haven’t heard about people going night cycling around here though, but I’ve heard of the moonlight hike.

  2. haha ya, l’oiseau rebelle, our route wasn’t long considering the flatness. still, it was a fun ride. now i’m trying to plan for another route of a similar length, this time around central singapore: from bishan to sentosa and back.

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