Yesterday’s Hero

After my (slight) derision of screw caps in the previous post, I am slightly sheepish to say that when I raided my wine fridge in search of a nice red to bring to the evening’s picnic at Fort Canning (to watch the SRT’s production of Much Ado About Nothing), I was looking for a screw cap bottle.

The Two Hands Yesterday’s Hero from Barossa Valley Australia (oh man, getting excited thinking about a possible trip there in September!) turned out to be the hero – in fact, the only screw cap bottle left in the wine fridge. 🙂


While the plan was to drink some of the wine, and bring the rest back – hence the screw cap – it was so delicious, we couldn’t resist finishing it. Hehe. We loved how silky and fruity it was in the mouthfeel, of currants and berries, with a nice peppery kick at the end. It went well with the crackers, sausages, and sharp cheddar that TPR bought. Haha, she also bought a paprika goat cheese that was so pungent (like manure) that we re-wrapped it up and edged it to the corner of our mat.

The play was tight, the script witty, and the actors brilliant. We were shouting with laughter for much of the night. A ton of fun – outdoor performances are such a brilliant idea!

TPR n I - Much ado about nothing

Much ado about nothing stage


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