Charlie’s Corner

The perpetual thunderclouds that hung over our little island cleared up for the evening, allowing TPR and I a dip in the Safra Tampines pool. I’ve gotten spoilt by TMCC’s clean and empty pool, so was a little disgruntled that I had to dodge all the other bodies – don’t people have anything else better to do on a Friday evening??? Heh.

The swim worked up our appetite, and so we headed off to Changi Village in search of good grub and beer. Changi Village rocks – if not for the fact that friends without cars find it a hassle to get to (and I find it an equal hassle to have to drive them home after), I would go more often. After all, it’s soooo close to home and the casual setting allows me to stroll around in my ultimate comfort gear of ratty T-shirt, shorts, and flip flops.

We set ourselves down in Charlie’s Corner, an establishment in the corner of the hawker center that has presumably been around since 1979 (!?). I’ve not been in ten years, but have fond memories of their chicken wings, which we ordered, along with a dish of fish n chips. The food was delicious: the fish was very lightly battered, fresh, and non-oily; and the juicy wings were generously doused in a house-specialty sweet-sour sauce. TPR and I were also very impressed with the weighty beer list, even if it didn’t have two of the beers I’d picked out first (I was all excited that they had Scotland’s Wee Heavy on the list, one of my staples back at Duke of Perth, but sadly, they were out of it). In the end, we settled for an English Hobgoblin Stout (not creamy/chewy enough, but quite refreshing) and a Raspberry Cider (sweet/sour).

Friday evenings should be spent like that: simple, comfort food, excellent company and great conversation.


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