My garden, the nature reserve

I guess we didn’t really need to drive all the way out west to the nature reserve to try take photos of birds. There are plenty just in my garden!

From Random
From Random
From Random

4 thoughts on “My garden, the nature reserve

  1. Totally unrelated to this post, but I presume you’ve heard that the 2nd tranche of Lafite has been released at SGD670? I’m not sure what price you bought urs, but it’s a cool 98% gain for me 😀

  2. woah! i didn’t hear that! thanks for letting me know! this IS awesome news. 😀

    btw, i realised (from your email) that your brother is my friend from u of c. small world eh!

    • Yeah, he told me that he knows you 😀

      Am off to Australia tomorrow… switching back to the “real” world of $40 wines… haha…

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