Sin Sangre

Sin Sangre
Sin Sangre – Without Blood:

A story of haunting pasts, anguish and revenge. Based on the novel by Alexandro Baricco, Sin Sangre is the story of a young girl who witnessed the murder of her father and brother by three men seeking revenge but whose own life was spared by one of the assailants.

Fast forward in time, and the girl is now a grown woman. Will she take revenge on the man who was her family’s murderer, but who was also her saviour?

The production directed by Juan Carlos Zagal explodes the cinematographic structure of this poetical story. In this artful blending of film and theatre that blurs the line between the real and the celluloid, past and present, time and space, the virtual and the corporeal, we are confronted by characters who appear to have stepped out of the film.

This tale of loss, guilt and revenge is an invitation to reflect deeply on the role that we play in our history, cut through by pain, mystery and beauty.

The Singapore Arts Fest is upon us, and Cristalle has bought tickets to most of the shows these next couple of weeks. I am gamely – and quite blindly – going along for the ride, trusting her to choose the plays to watch. I like to be surprised – but yah lah, also quite lazy to do the research.

We kick started the festival with the Chilean play, Sin Sangre, this evening. Really enjoyable production; the blend of on-stage acting with cinematography was very refreshing.

Two more productions this week, and then four productions back to back next week.


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