LIV Full Frontal

Director Nelson Chia explores life and mortality by examining what happens when one of life’s basic necessities – sleep – becomes a scarce commodity. Four insomniacs face their problems in this original production commissioned for the Festival.

Four people come together with the same problem: sleep.

Four people volunteer for a sleep experiment to find a cure: they need to sleep in order to live.

Between sobriety and hallucination lies life; between dreaming and awakening lies living; between life and living lies LIV.

Collaborating with a newly formed ensemble company, A GROUP OF PEOPLE (Oliver Chong, Koh Wan Ching, Timothy Nga and Edith Podesta), 2009 Full Frontal Director Nelson Chia conceives and directs this original, wistful and whimsical production that invites you to witness the various imitations of life and intimidations on mortality. Traversing between worlds of hyper-realities conjured by texts (Robin Loon), sounds (Emanorwatty Saleh) and images (Koo Chia Meng), LIV meditates on the possible pleasures of being Alive.

I caught no ball.

Which is to say, experimental theater is totally not my cup of tea. Personally, I don’t think that a play is successful if I can’t fully figure out what it is about without having to refer to the synopsis. Eventually, more than midway into the play, I did begin to understand what it was about, but caught myself repeatedly peering into the dark at my watch to see the time. Cristalle couldn’t really appreciate the plot either; less than 20 minutes in, I had to prod her awake.

To be fair, the acting was good, and there were some funny moments. But I’m hoping that the remainder of our Arts Festival line ups consist of more of the mainstream stuff.


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