Suzuki Tadashi, the icon of modern theatre in Japan, is revered worldwide for his penetrating vision and singular interpretations of Western theatre classics.

In his Singapore debut, he breathes primordial power and poetry into the monumental Greek play, Electra. The tragic heroine Electra mourns for her father who is killed by her mother Clytemnestra and her lover. Unable to convince her brother Orestes to exact revenge on the adulterous pair, she takes matters into her own hands.

Suzuki directs a cast of Korean and Japanese actors from his famed Suzuki Company of Toga in this compelling domestic drama set in a mental asylum as a metaphor for the chaos in contemporary life.

Using his seminal actors’ training techniques, Suzuki charges the stage with a gamut of hyper emotions, physical rigour and cathartic release.

A theatrical phenomenon and a must-see for all theatre aficionados!

Performed in Japanese and Korean with English surtitles.

A continuation of the Singapore Arts Festival Series.

I must say, it’s been quite some hits and misses thus far. This one was a total miss in my book. I couldn’t understand the play, the asylum metaphor, and ended up thoroughly fidgety and bored. Honestly, if I hadn’t been stuck in a center seat I would have snuck out of the theater and into the balmy evening breeze where life seemed a lot simpler, a lot less tense. It was hard to sit through an hour and 15 minutes of straight through yelling and grimacing. To be fair, Cristalle found that she quite enjoyed the play, more so than LIV Full Frontal, at any rate.


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