Jumpin’ June

What started out as a sleepy month has suddenly become tons busier.

Golf with clients in Bintan tomorrow; eep, not really looking forward to stewing in the sun while fruitlessly trying to whack tiny little balls, but what to do.

I will be away for work in China from June 15 through June 25. This will be my first marketing trip there; hopefully things go well and I’ll come away feeling inspired and raring to go.

In between, I will be meeting up with Eugene and Miguel in Hong Kong. Miguel is in Macau/HK for the month of June, and Eugene in Seoul and Shanghai for work. Perfect opportunities to meet up for some crazy times (too bad TPR couldn’t screw work and join us). We were toying with the idea of meeting somewhere in the region to go climbing – our favorite activity together, along with drinking (or was it right after?). Ideas tossed up: Yang Shuo, Krabi, Batu Caves, Hong Kong. In the end, Hong Kong seemed the best idea, since flights were the cheapest. I suppose if we’d done a better job planning earlier, we could have met up in Shanghai instead, since both Eugene and I will already be there. But oh well, at least I’ll get to visit Hong Kong for the first time, AND go climbing there. Derek has generously hooked me up with one of his buddies in HK, who has even more generously invited us to crash a climbing course he is conducting in Shek O that same weekend. Yippee!!!

And then, LASIK surgery on the 26, right after I return. I figured I’d best get that out of the way as soon as possible, since I’ve signed up for a diving trip over National Day. The downside – I have a class gathering at noon the next day; and I’m trying to organize a night cycling trip for the evening of the 27. It mightn’t be so bad, except that I’m not supposed to wash my hair for two days after the surgery. Eep.


3 thoughts on “Jumpin’ June

  1. omg lasik!!!!!! congratulations!!! are you going to the clinic that tpr recommended? i went there too. not that you can’t wash your hair, just get it washed at the salon so the water doesn’t get into your eyes. thats what i did cos there is no way i cannot wash my hair for 2 days!

  2. next morning lor! yeah i did lasik last year after cny when i was home. and just nice i left right after the 3rd-month check up.

    you can go to the salon at 8am lor. those neighborhood ones open earlier. hahaa.

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