Small Eyes

After resolutely denying LASIK surgery for most of my adult life (as it turns out, with my eye condition, I wouldn’t even have been eligible for the treatment with the old technology a mere five years ago anyway), I decided somewhat impulsively that I was fed up with all the inconveniences caused. I had to suffer those heavy and bulky safety glasses that pressed down on my already non existent nose bridge while on construction sites; had to contend with constantly fogging over-glasses-goggles while skiing; and squinting to see the array of abundant marine life while diving. Had to deal with steamed glasses when getting out of my car or while eating soup noodles or while climbing in the oppressive Singapore heat.

I guess finally, after Dr Dr D clarified that the risks of LASIK weren’t that much different from contact lens, and after I found out that I couldn’t even use disposable lens anyway, I decided it may be time to get some corrective action.

So it was that after soliciting plenty of advice from helpful friends, I called the various clinics and secured myself am appointment with the first place that responded.

My eyes are too small. Even other Asians have told me that. Today, I must have heard that particular refrain half a dozen times. Open your eyes wider, they said, as I pressed my head against the machine and tried not to back away when it shot out a short burst of air. I had to repeat that particular eye pressure test at least 20 times before they could get a satisfactory result. Boo.

But after a whole battery of tests, the doctor concluded that I was a suitable patient to undergo the procedure, even if I had only barely squeaked by the requirements. My cornea was too curved; eyes too small; and astig too high. 😦

In any case, I decided what the hell, and made my appointment. In two weeks time, right after my China trip.

Wah I wonder how my life will change. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 5; I cannot recall a life without something on my face.

Guess I have to start shopping for a nice pair of sunglasses. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Small Eyes

  1. Think waking up & not having to fumble around for your glasses to be able to see anything at all. Think not putting anything in your eyes or on your nose bridge forever. Think being able to wear sunglasses that are not clip-ons.

    That’s how your life is going to change. Welcome to the world of perfect vision or even better, over-corrected vision like me! Haha.. It’s also called being long-sighted. 🙂 It’s a fantastic, out of this world feeling!

  2. i do have a pair of sunglasses with degrees on them.

    and i hope i dont get over-corrected vision. don’t want to be long-sighted. hahah i was long-sighted when i was 5.

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