Quick Thoughts on HBP

Wah, after all that excitement, I almost didn’t get to watch it.

Ting, Mark, TPR, and I all got to the theater late – right when the show was starting. So imagine my consternation when the ticketing agent couldn’t find any records of my having purchased the tickets. Really, please check again, I urged, flinging her all my credit cards, even while I was roughly punching my iPhone, trying to recall the booking email.

Oops. I’d booked tickets at the wrong theater.

But the agent was nice. No worries, she said, you can catch the next show which starts in an hour. And there are 2 theaters to choose from. There were just four seats left in each though, and they weren’t together. No matter, I was just relieved that I would get to catch the movie after all, and the famished TPR was happy that she could grab some food.

I loved the movie. It’s by far my favorite of the series thus far. While the first one was truly magical – it was such a thrill to see the castle created and come to life, I really liked the direction of this one. Perhaps even more so than the book itself. I actually really liked the romance subplot; it was sweet to see real teenagers grappling with crushes and first loves (rather than overage adult actors trying to play teens). That provided a nice balance against the backdrop of terror and chaos, especially when compared with the previous movie, which I deemed much too angsty, too dark, and too Harry-centric (Ron and Hermione seemed like cameos).

The teenage actors too I thought, have really come into their own and eased into their roles. While they were mostly just young and cute in the first three movies, I was somewhat cringing at their acting in the fourth and the fifth – especially Emma Watson, who seemed to be trying too hard in certain scenes. But their acting and on screen camaraderie seemed really natural this time around, and they were a real pleasure to watch.

And I liked the way director Yates parsed down the script, while still keeping true to the plot; it was much more masterful than his attempt on the 5th movie. And of course, Snape as usual was a real pleasure to watch, especially in the climatic parapet scene.

I want to catch it again. And again. And perhaps again. 🙂


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