May Day

May Day Concert

When Peirui sent the email out asking if we would be interested in attending the May Day concert with her, I was skeptical. Who?

But she reminded me, eh, you have a bunch of their songs on your iPod already. Remember the songs we were singing to in Scotland?

Oh yah. So I signed up, along with Ruoxi. Ruoying, who couldn’t – sadly for her – join us, tried to drum up our excitement online, urging us to buy lightsticks for the occasion. It’s very tragic and sad, she said, if you don’t have lightsticks. Very ke lian.

The evening started out pretty tame. We kept to our seats and I even applauded politely at the end of the first song, only to be told by Ruoxi. Eh, nobody claps here; you’re supposed to scream. Oh ok. 🙂

So scream and sing along we did. And we jumped up and down and bopped along with the music as well. While brandishing my lightsticks (by the end of the night, I only had a sad, sad clump of optic fibres left on the stick). Especially after I realized that hey, I do know more than half their songs after all!

What a great girls’ night out! The band was awesome. Even though they started at 830pm and not the scheduled 8pm, they entertained us for over three solid hours, until past midnight. 🙂 I’m hooked now. Gonna start listening to all my 30 May Day songs on my iTunes, and beg the girls to send me the missing ones. Hehe.


5 thoughts on “May Day

  1. hahah i only know a chorus of one song. thank goodness they had these huge screens where they flashed the lyrics, so at least i could understand what they were singing. 🙂

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