Blow wind blow

915 am, the first of my phone calls/text messages. The weather looks terrible, are we still windsurfing? That was from Peirui, by the time the fourth call came, from Wellian, I had my stock answer ready even before he could proceed beyond hello. Yes, we’re still on, come on down.

Funny how the burning sun of the early morning disappeared behind the clouds so quickly. When I walked Hot Dog around the park, I was perspiring only after a half round.

Nevertheless, we did get out into the water. It was pouring out, but we were safe without any lightning.

What fun! It took some getting used to though, balancing on the board and trying to turn the boom around to face the right direction – seemed so much easier on a sail boat when you don’t have to flip the mighty sail 180 degrees and simply can duck under the boom. And for the first hour on the water, while all managed to sail out, none of us quite managed to figure out how to turn the board around back to shore. Consequently, it seemed we were paddling on our boards more than we were standing up and surfing.

After lunch, we had another theory session where the instructors taught us how to tack and steer. Very useful! At least now we had a fighting chance of steering clear away from others in the way instead of having to drop sail and speed.

The second time out was more successful. 🙂 There wasn’t any wind when we first started out, so it seemed that everyone was just posing on our boards and trying to look cool. But after a while, the wind picked up and we were off. I managed to sail back and forth a few rounds before finally wiping out. Hehe.

Despite the rain, it was still a really great time out. We were all thoroughly exhausted by the time we came out of the water, so much so that I didn’t have the strength to carry my board on my own. But everyone loved the experience, and we are all looking forward to the next time. Especially since if it means good food at the East Coast hawker center afterwards. 😀


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