Bruce comes to town

I had my doubts that he would make it; after all, he only bought his air tickets at the last minute. But make it to Singapore Bruce did, finally. It was good to catch up again, considering that he couldn’t spare me the time when I was back visiting Chicago in April, stressed as he was trying to complete his PhD.

But he’s finally completed the doctorate, and decided to come by for a couple days’ visit before he starts work in San Francisco. I’m glad he managed to make the trip out; we were really close friends back in Chicago, drinking and biking together.

His flight landed on Friday evening, mid way between Korean BBQ dinner at Ruoxi’s place. I wolfed down some tender meat, washed it with some wine, and rushed to the airport to pick him up, returning in time to start on dessert. 🙂 Great times; just like our college dinners of old!

I had to work Saturday morning, but in the afternoon, we hit the ground running on the attractions to cover: Little India; fish farm by my place; Sentosa (wow they have a stationary surfing thingy that I want to try!); Clarke Quay for lousy beer and even lousier popcorn chicken at the Pump Room; Singapore Flyer for a really slow but awesome view of the island by night; a Christian pub where Pak was performing at for the “Holy Ghost Festival”; Geylang for supper. Out of breath yet? Yah, we were too, by the end.


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