Exploring Ubin

Sunday morning: we awoke to grey skies and ravenous appetites. I brought Bruce to the nearby food court, where we ordered vegetarian noodles, roti prata, and jwee guay (or however you spell that).

Our stomachs had about an hour and a half’s rest, then we were off to Changi Village for lunch with Wellian: carrot cake, goreng pisang, and fish soup with rice. Joined up with a bunch of the others after, for our trip to Pulau Ubin. Ten of us turned up, which was great since it meant we didn’t have to wait to take the bum boats over; they will otherwise wait for a full boat of 12 before they deign to take off.

I hadn’t been to Pulau Ubin in years, not since the biking trip with a bunch of the U of C folks, so it was fun to re-explore the island and show Bruce what Singapore was like 50 years ago. All dirt roads and greenery, with run down metal zinc shacks – kinda like rural Taiwan he said. We biked to Chek Jawa Nature Reserve, where we strolled down a really long boardboard that hugged the coastline before turning into the mangrove swamp. Quite heartened and fascinated to see that the beach was teeming with life – mudskippers and crabs with huge purpley-orange pincers that you never get to see on mainland anymore.

Chek Jawa

We spent a good hour wandering around the area, before clambering back on our bikes and exploring other paths on Ubin. Took a bit of a breather by a ramshackle shelter next to a river, where we partook in coconuts. After, Johnson brought us to the restaurant by the sea for dinner. It was operated by his aunt’s best friend, so we were given a 10% discount for the feast that we ordered: chili crab, pepper crab, steamed fish, honey marinated prawns, etc.


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