Diving in Redang

What a weekend! It was a long weekend of: diving, singing, eating, and even some dancing.

We started off late on Friday evening, thanks to the long weekend and thanks to the traffic jam. It was a long overnight bus ride into Malaysia, but thankfully for good company and a relatively comfy bus, the journey wasn’t too torturous.

We arrived at our resort in Redang late Saturday morning, and had a bit of spare time before our first dive to enjoy the warmth of the sun on our backs, the light but cool breeze in our hair, and the sparkling crystal clear waters.

Two dives that first day. Lina and I were doubly excited; it was our first time breaking out our new underwater camera cases. Bijuan and Peirui were nervous; they were about to try open water diving for the very first time. While we suited up, Ruoxi and Jiahui watched from the comfort of their lounge chairs; their snorkeling trip was after lunch.

The dives were pretty fun in general, and we had a blast playing with our cameras underwater. Obviously, we still have a lot to learn about underwater photography techniques, including how to breathe and stay in neutral position without bobbing around while trying to snap photos of shy sea anemone fish.

Post-dives, we soaked in the beach resort atmosphere as best we could: that meant lazing around on beach chairs, and then stuffing our faces with delicious fares of curry, noodles, rice, lamb, chicken etc. In the evening, after the sun had set, we converged on the karaoke room, where we spent three happy hours generally shrieking away (and dancing), and scaring the other resort guests away with our crazy enthusiasm.

In the morning, we pretty much repeated the itinerary of the day before, with three dives instead of two, and with cake cutting (Huixuan and Jiahui’s birthday) instead of singing (a family of 20 had arrived, and they beat us to the karaoke room).

Good trip though. For getting away from Singapore and the world in general (no Internet access), for the diving, and for the excellent, excellent company.

From 2009 September Redang Diving
From 2009 September Redang Diving
From 2009 September Redang Diving
From 2009 September Redang Diving
From 2009 September Redang Diving
From 2009 September Redang Diving

5 thoughts on “Diving in Redang

  1. Your pics made me miss my diving days! Nice to see a friend becoming a diving buff. If you have a chance, try Surin Islands in southern Thailand – clear, shallow waters where lionfishes swim up to the water’s edge.

  2. hehe, definitely! maybe next year. no more diving trips this year, what with the onset of the monsoon season. šŸ™‚ shall go climbing instead.

  3. Time to expand horizons! Only Malaysia is affected by the monsoon season. Similans, sipadan are all good for diving all year round! Heard sipadan 3rd best diving spot in the world and just got contact for cheap lobang!! On???

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