Symphony in the Park

d farm

Another blazing hot day. Back again at Dairy Farm, this time with a bunch of other folks. Fruitful climbs today – four routes, including 1 I attempted to lead before but bailed out on, and 1 new route. Super fun. 🙂

I was so exhausted from the heat and the climbing though, that when I finally got home in the late afternoon, I just wanted to crash. Alas, I only had enough time to take a cold shower and a 10 minute nap before I hurriedly put together a picnic basket of sorts for the evening out at the Botanical Gardens with Peirui and Janice. The Singapore Chinese Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic Brass was putting up a concert there.

I had packed a bottle of South African late harvest Riesling, some pate from Paris, a basket of fresh strawberries. Peirui and I also went to Dempsey and Seven-Eleven to pick up some creamy blue cheese and bread, juice, chips and salsa. By the time we found parking and made our way over to the green, Janice was already there, sitting amongst hundreds of others on the slopes, listening to the Chinese Orchestra play some pieces from Carmen.

I like Carmen, so it was enjoyable, though we thought the music sounded a little muted coming from Chinese instruments. And the orchestra did sound tons more lively when they finally switched back to a Chinese piece. While we listened, we also lay back and started munching on the food. The blue cheese was delicious, and paired really, really well with the grapes that Janice brought.

The brass section came on nearly 40 minutes later than scheduled, so by the time they started playing, the families amongst the crowd was starting to pack up their restless toddlers to go home. There were only 5 musicians – so their sound was a lot softer than the orchestra, but they had some fun jazz pieces.

So, totally enjoyable weekend. Very chill way to round off the evening. 🙂


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