Quiet Weekend

Tone of the weekend was chill – no sweating under the hot sun, no feeding of mosquitoes = no climbing. I had deliberately set aside the entire Sunday to stay in to read, and think about stuff. Honestly, I wasn’t all that productive. All I have to show for it are some pages of reading (not nearly enough; not by half, bleah), and several more stages cleared for Bejweled on the iphone. It’s been ages though, since I’ve given myself that kind of time out to catch up on sleep and just nua.

Not to say that I cooped myself up the entire weekend. Friday night, a bunch of us gathered at Ruoxi’s, ostensibly to exchange photos and videos from our Redang dive trip. Instead, we just tucked into mounds of delicious food – nasi lemak, curry chicken, otah etc. And then, bellies full, we spontaneously decided to sing some karaoke. What a trip – in the next two hours, we revisited all the popular songs from way back. Anyone walking by our tiny little room could have instantly pegged our age group. I’d quite forgotten how delightlfully cheesy the Grasshopper MTVs were.

Somewhat spontaneously again on Saturday evening, another bunch of us gathered at Palex’s, to admire his enormous LCD TV and humungous collection of movies. Because it was the DGS group, we brought along some wine, including a bottle of Meadowbank Henry James Pinot Noir from Tasmania (absolutely delicious, and impossibly smooth!). Peirui and I, the two girls in the group of five, overruled the boys’ preference to watch Surrogates. So we saw The Ugly Truth instead, and we thought that the boys secretly preferred that choice as well, judging from their awws, and so sweet at various points in the movie. Fun and relaxing evening though; should have gatherings like that more often!


One thought on “Quiet Weekend

  1. Haha.. Neva call me.. I was nua-ing on Sunday too. Just in the heat at home.. Should have gone over to your place to enjoy the aircon. Hahahah I’m cheap. 😛

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