Weekend with the girls

I love Chicago, but not for the lack of close girl friends to hang out with. Singapore’s great in this aspect, especially since RX, TPR, and J have also moved back to town. Plenty of chances to just chill out and gossip – although none of that thrilling Sex and the City variety. Our conversations tend to revolve around food, food, food. Even when we do stray to the topic of sex, somehow it ends up going back to food. Case in point – TPR: “Oh the other day, I learnt that you could reduce the size of your boobs post-pregnancy by placing heads of lettuce on them.” Or, “Did you know that if you castrate a pig, the pork won’t have that funky smell?” “Hmm, I wonder if they castrate sheep then… mutton still has that weird, off-putting taste.”

Anyway, this afternoon, it was off to lunch with these three of my favorite girls – dim sum at Imperial Teochew. The food was quite delicious, especially the salty egg yolk steam bun, which was slightly salty, slightly sweet, very buttery, and according to TPR, had the texture of a Reese’s peanut buttercup. But even in the face of all that food, the conversation kept going back, despite our best attempts, to other types of food that we wanted to eat. We even plotted a pilgrim-themed Thanksgiving meal for the end of the month (scary how we’re already into September. Eight more weeks to year end!).

Afterwards, stomachs bulging and loathe to head straight home to watch the rest of Sunday pass aimlessly by, we sat ourselves down at a cafe for some coffee and tea.

Altogether, a super pleasant way to pass the Sunday, and a great follow-on to what was already a super fun Saturday. Quick recap of that: Denise wine tasting with the girls (RX, Janice, Harn, Jacq, JH); a movie with Jacq and JH followed by a long dinner at Ikea where we feasted on meatballs and fried chicken wings.


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